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For a while, I was wondering do we have any one single authentic recipe that is not modified. Maybe No! The western world has to be blamed for it. And the way we choose our menu some recipes may never find a place in our plate because they are hardly known even to our grandparents.

But not all recipes have gone disappear completely, some still exist. And, it’s never too late to bring back the lost cuisine of India. Here are some mouth-watering recipes from past that can still get place in our menu.

Mudakathan Keerai Dosa

Mudakathan Keerai Dosa

There is no dearth of dosa varieties and all are equally healthy. However, mudakathan keerai dosa is considered as a remedy as special ingredient goes into it. Ballon vine leaves are used to make this unique dosa. It’s light and delicious!

Hyderabadi Starter- Tootak

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You might have never heard of this unique starter which comes from the Hyderabadi cuisine and is an Eid special. Tootak is loaded with meat, cream, butter and cheese along with some dry fruits.

Potatoes are used instead of meat in the veg version of tootak.

Delights Of Nawabs- Malai Paan


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Lucknow, the city of Nawabs, takes pride in being the place of origin for this unique paan without paan leaf. Yes, you’d see no paan leaf into this lucknavi delicacy.

There is a story behind malai ka paan. Nawabs had put the ban on paan during their reign, so the chefs of that time invented paan using milk and malai.

This creamy thin paan takes hours to get into the shape and garnished with dry fruits and mishri.

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Raoh Ki Kheer

raoh ki kheer

A delicacy from Punjab, raoh ki kheer is indeed a dessert that we needs during winter. Unlike traditional kheer which is mostly prepared from the rice, raoh is prepared with sugar cane juice.

Soaked rice is cooked in sugar cane juice with lots of ghee, dry fruits, and a pinch of salt.

Tulunadu Dish- Chicken Kori Roti


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A Mangalorean tradition, chicken kori roti is a thin and crisp rice roti served with tulu aka chicken. The curry is loaded with spices and made using coconut milk.

The crispy rotti get soften into the curry and leaves a unforgettable taste in the mouth.

Flavor Of Braj- Paani Ki Gujiya

Gujiyas are not the lost dessert but this one is definitely not common during festivals. Paani ki gujiya is prepared with rice flour instead of maida and mawa.

The stuffed gujiyas are then steamed or cooked in milk, that’s why got the name paani ki gujiya. The recipe is unique and hardly found nearby. Only people of Chambal region of MP and UP’s Braj know how to perfectly make these gujiyas.

Kashmiri Dessert- Shufta Kanaguchhi


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Not just the name, the dessert is unique too as it is prepared with only cheese, dry fruits, spices, and sugar syrup.

Lost Dumplings- Dal Fara 

dal fara
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Have you ever tried dal fara? Probably not, as dal fara is not as popular as it were once. This is an authentic dish from UP and luckily, it’s still made in every kitchen on any special occasion.

Dal fara is an healthy snack prepared with soaked chana and urad dal. It is  either steamed or fried and can be enjoyed with chutney of your choice. At some places, it is called as peetha or gojha as well.

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