10 Amazing And Unusual Facts About Italy That You Should Know

Italy is arguably one of the most loved European countries throughout the world. The country is globally popular for its rich culture, unique history, and lifestyle. With so many places to visit and explore, there are some unusual yet amazing facts about Italy that you may not be aware of. 

Though there is a huge list of unusual things that very few people know about Italy. For your reference, we have listed out the top 10 facts about Italy which not only interest you but also make you crave for a trip to this European beauty.

Top 10 Facts About Italy That You Should Know

1. Italy Has The Most Number of World UNESCO Heritages In The World

Italian UNESCO Heritage

There are over 55 world heritage sites in Italy, making the country with the most number of UNESCO heritages than any other country in the world. As we all know Italy has a rich past and houses some of the oldest historical sites, thus you will find plenty of medieval castles, ruins, and cathedrals. 

Among the most popular Heritage sites in Italy include the Colosseum, and Mount Etna, alongside some other remarkable landmarks in cities like Florence, Rome, and Venice. 

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2. Italy Is One Of The Top 5 Most Visited Countries On The Planet

Italy is one of the top 5 most preferred countries by tourists and lies 5th in the list of most visited countries in the World. As per the data for 2019, The country witnessed more than 64.5 million tourists throughout the year. The most recognizable cities in Italy include Venice, Florence, Rome, and Amalfi Coast. 

Tourism in Rome has been rapidly growing over the last few years and it welcomes nearly 27 million tourists every year. The recent research also shows that the most number of tourists that visit Italy are Europeans including 14% Germans meanwhile, the visitors from countries like France and UK have seen to be around 3% each.

3. Italy Is One of The Youngest Countries In Western Europe

This is one of the lesser-known facts about Italy, having the longest as well as the oldest history in Europe, Italy didn’t become a country until 1861. During the Roman era, Italy was a single state but was later divided into several sovereign states and remained the same till 1861. It’s only the history of Italy that makes it one of the oldest countries but that’s not the reality.

4. Rome Was Founded 2000 Years Ago 

Rome Italy

The Capital of Italy “Rome” is more than 2000 years old as it was founded in 753 BC. The city was ruled by the Roman Empire from 27 BC until 395 AD, thus named after its founded and Roman rule “Romulus. The famous ancient amphitheater “Colosseum” is situated in Rome and is still the major highlight among tourists. 

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5. Italy Is A Home To Only Three Active Volcanoes In Europe 

There are three active volcanoes in Italy which are the only active volcanoes in entire Europe. Mount Etna situated in Sicily is the highest active volcano that last erupted in 2021 and it was the 50th eruption till now. Another active volcano stands at Mount Stromboli, situated on an island near Sicily. 

The last one is the Vesuvius which last erupted in 1944 where you can also find some effects of the devastating eruption that occurred in 76 AD.    

6. Italy Is Home To More Than 1500 Lakes

Italian Lakes

The country is surrounded by more than 1500 lakes and one of its major cities Venice is built completely on water, which makes it the only city of its kind. You will also find plenty of lakes in some other cities such as Sicily, Florence, and the Amalfi Coast. 

7. Pizza And Pasta Are Older Than You Think

Italian Pizza

The Pizza was actually invented in 10 AD but the modern one that we eat was born in the 18th century in Naples. On the other hand, Pasta was invented around 4 BC as per the depictions shown in some paintings of the Roman era. 

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8. Italians Consume More Than 14 billion Espresso Annually 

More than 20,000 Italian people work as coffee artists or baristas and an average of 37 kg of coffee is consumed in Italian households every year.  You can drink coffee any time you want but you can’t order a cappuccino after 11:00 AM due to heaviness in the first half. Many Italians avoid consuming a cappuccino after lunch.

9. Salad Is Eaten As Dessert

Italian Salad

While in many countries Salad is consumed together with the main course, that’s not the case in Italy. The Italians consume salad only after their main course just like we eat dessert. However, it’s not actually dessert but salad is eaten as an aid to digestion. You can still eat sweets or fruits after eating salad, depending on your choice. 

10. Free Wine Fountain 

One of the most amazing facts about Italy for wine lovers, may sound like a dream to some but that’s true and it is found in Caldari di Ortona. The free wine fountain flows 24 hours per day with red wine. The Fontana di Vino is situated in the Vineyard of Cammino di San Tommaso, the famous Italian pilgrimage site. 

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