About US

Stack Umbrella is bridging the gap between individuals and industries by driving them towards each other and by offering them quality and high-quality content to increase their wardrobe from the news and updates of the industry.

Being Led by IT Professionals, Stack umbrella is a platform for all age people to find suitable tech crunch and other industry specific stuffs as per the needs. It is an approach of teaching the people about all industry related stuffs and in addition different trendy expressions including celebrity gossip, entertainment, social media, lifestyle, parenting, health, wellness, foods, automobiles, gadgets, gizmos, mobiles and other sorts of all related tech content.

The base of the company is to develop a strong content strategy for all age people and by feeding them elegance as per the needs.  It is an augmented approach for those individuals who always look forward to find quality stuffs related to the industry and to satisfy their hunger of knowledge. As per the name, Stack Umbrella is a singular platform to get news and information from various verticals without even spending any penny on it.

Our all tech section includes world-class technological approach.  News and other updates at stack umbrella have been exclusively written by industry ready professionals who have vast industry experience and splendid understanding over all these related stuffs. The company is also having excellent collaboration with the Alina softwares which is a leading software agency actively engaged in software and web application development practices from various years. Some independent IT professionals are also giving their contributions to drive the platform actively and to make it smooth as per the user perceptive.