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Dosa Recipes: 5 Delicious Varieties Of Dosa You Must Try!

Dosa is one of India’s most popular cuisines, and its several varieties are available in the very corner of the country. People from all over the country, especially from North and middle India, must have tried at least the popular ones such as Rawa dosa, Aloo based Masala dosa, and Mysore masala dosas, Sada paper dosa for sure.

But apart from that, there are a number of dosa variants from South India that you dosa lovers must try.

So, here we’ve brought certain delicious varieties of dosa that every dosa lover should try at least once. Read on to find them:

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Benne Dosa:

Benne was originated from the city of Davangere in Karnataka, and it means butter dosa. Rice, puffed rice and urad dal are used to prepare benne dosa and topped with lots of butter. It is mostly served with coconut chutney and spiced potato. So, watch the video right below for the recipe.

Set Dosa:

Set Dosa, also known as Sponge Dosa, looks like a pancake and served with chutney and curries. Moreover, it is prepared with urad dal, poha, and rice. So, have a look at the recipe.

Adai Dosa:

Adai dosa is heavier and thicker than other dosa variants and is made from rice, a mixture of lentils with various spices. Many people prefer to have this variant with mixed vegetable preparation called Avial. So, watch the video for the preparation method.

Pesarattu Dosa:

Pesarattu, aka green dosa, comes from Andhra Pradesh. It is a dosa like preparation and prepared from moong dal. Moreover, this recipe is considered as one of the healthiest breakfast recipes and mostly served with a combination of Allam chutney and upma. So, wanna try Pesarattu dosa? Watch the video for the full recipe.

Ragi Dosa:

As its name implies, ragi dosa is made from Ragi, aka nachni, a healthy grain. It is a healthy staple in South Indian food and is very easy to make.

Are you ready to try these delicious dosa variants at home?

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