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Explore The Mouth-Watering Forgotten Recipes Of India

A country’s rich culture and food make it worth exploring. And just like every other country, India too has some forgotten recipes. Every tradition and culture of a country is supposed to pass to the next generation.

Unfortunately, our ancestors failed to pass on some of the delicious recipes. As a result, they have vanished amid foreign food culture. Luckily, you can explore the lost taste of India here. We have brought some of the recipes whose taste and names both are not less than a surprise.

India’s Forgotten Recipes

1. Parinde Main Parinda


Not only is its name exciting, but it also has an unforgettable taste. This creamy but lost recipe comes from the sugar bowl of India. Yes, you guess it right. Parinde main parinda is a recipe of Uttar Pradesh.

Unlike other meat recipes, this one comes to your table after hours of preparation. Basically, the main ingredient is meat of duck, chicken, quail, or camel. And as per the name, smaller animals get stuffed inside the bigger one. It’s not just that, even the tiny animal’s meat gets stuffed with eggs. 

It goes like this- camel stuffed with chicken, which in turn is stuffed with an egg. So, now you know why it takes hours to prepare. There are lots of marinating and roasting involved in it to ensure that no flavor gets mixed up with others. 

2. Lehson Ki Kheer


What, lehsun ki kheer! Yes, you read it right. The goodness of garlic was also enjoyed in the sweet dishes in the past. Who in this world can think of adding garlic in a dessert? If you do, then people may call you weird. Well, but in the past, it was one of the favourite desserts that are now a forgotten recipe.

The kheer is prepared with dry fruits, milk, khoya, and desi ghee. People from Rajasthan used to enjoy this dessert in winter. But unlike the rice kheer that takes barely 30 minutes, lehsun ki kheer takes one hour. It is because you have to soak the garlic in vinegar for half an hour and then boil. This will remove its garlicky flavor. The rest of the recipe is similar to the rice kheer. 

3. Tavsali Cake 


Tavsali or cucumber usually goes in a salad, but did you ever think of putting it into your cake batter. Well, most of the bakers will say “NO” but people from the Goan belt love Tavsali cake.

They had no microwave; so they prefer steaming. Steaming process results in a healthy and tasty cake. You can also enjoy this forgotten recipe at home using fresh green cucumbers.

4. Pappadam Vada


Right from the kitchen of Kerala, there is one of the best yet forgotten recipes that you would try. This is not precisely a vada nor papad but a combination of the two. However, the only time it takes is for the preparation of batter. Dip the papadam (papad) in the mixture. Deep fry to make it crispy and enjoy this snack whenever you want.

5. Chena Poda


Another sweet and unforgotten taste comes from the state of Odisha. Chena Poda is a recipe from the twentieth century. Ingredients like sugar, ricotta cheese, raisins, and other dry fruits go into it. 

These forgotten recipes will leave an unforgettable taste in your mind. So, go to the grocery store, grab the ingredients, and try these recipes. 


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