Technology OnePlus To Launch TV, Debut In India, Says CEO...

OnePlus To Launch TV, Debut In India, Says CEO Pete Lau


OnePlus TV will be offered via Amazon in the country, in addition to OnePlus’s website.
OnePlus TV is launching in India in September, as CEO Pete Lau has confirmed the news. India will be the first market OnePlus TV.

As the date of its debut approaches, the company shall reveal further details about the TV. A few days ago the company announced the name of its first smart TV calling it, OnePlus TV.

OnePlus TV
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Pete Lau says that-

 “had a very positive relationship with content providers in India, who have always been willing to partner with us, which guarantees great content for our users.” 

Pete Lau
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The company has confirmed that it will be sold via as a platform in India. The company has also planned to expand its market in North America, China, and Europe after the company partners with local and regional content providers.

Further adding to his decision of launching the product in the Indian market he said-

“Over the past 6 years, we have achieved great success in India in large part because of our passionate and supportive community. Even after all these years, we’re excited to explore exciting new opportunities hand-in-hand with you. The OnePlus TV is such an important product for all of us, and we can’t wait to see it in living rooms all over India.”

Lau promised that OnePlus will offer the premium features that customers are looking for and said-

“OnePlus TV will live up to your expectations of what is, without reservations, a new premium flagship,”.

A recent certification listing also suggested that the TV will have a range of sizes from 43-75 inches.
The expected date of the launch is coming up to be 26 September. However, the company has not confirmed it’s date yet.

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