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Onam Special Food: Taste The Slice Of Kerala Straight From God’s Own Country

Every kitchen of Kerala is busy in preparation for Onasandhya now. Onam has begun and during this 10-day harvest festival; Keralites enjoy an elaborated vegetarian meal in their lunch. From spicy Rasam, sour and sweet Pachadi, delicious Payasam, and much more special food of Onam will rev up everyone’s hunger.

onam special food

And not just one or two, around 20 traditional recipes get a place in the big banana leaves during this festival. Onam is a big food-fare for foodies without worrying about health. We are taking you directly to Kerala with our list of those tempting recipes.

Onam Special Food: 5 Delectable Recipes From The Mallu’s Kitchen

#1. Moru Curry


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The Kerala-style yogurt and coconut curry with a base of buttermilk, Moru is the perfect recipe to beat the summer’s heat. But Moru Charu or Curry is an important part of Onasandhya too. Taro root, yam, ash gourd, and even drumsticks are the popular choices of vegetables for this curry.

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#2. Kootu Curry

Another special food of Onam is this coconut overloaded curry that is served as a side dish. Yam and chickpeas are two main ingredients of this usually dry curry. They are then cooked in coconut gravy that masks the spices and adds a bit of sweetness to the recipe. It is topped with tadka of dry red chilies, Kadi Patta, and mustard seeds, and chana dal.

#3. Palakkadan Matta Rice


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Though rice is a common ingredient in Onam special food, this red rice is special and not even found in Northern India cuisine. Known as Matta, this red rice is a starchy mess. They take more time to cook and are soaked for at least 30 minutes before preparation. No spices, ghee, or oil are used for Matta but they taste yummy.

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#4. Pazham Pradhaman

One may not be able to identify what this is about from its name but it’s very simple and one of the delicious desserts. It is a banana pudding cooked with jaggery and coconut milk. The flavor of cardamom and dry ginger powder simply enhances its flavor.

#5. Puli Inji


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No meal is complete without sour and sweet chutney and Kerala is the king of chutneys. The state has best of best chutney recipes to enhance the flavor of other recipes. But this tangy, spicy, and sweet chutney is extremely special because it is a part of Onasandhya.

Ginger, tamarind, and jaggery are the main ingredients of Puli Inji.

Onam special food is not only about curry, chutneys and rice dishes. Snacks and desserts are equally important. Banana and Yam chips, Paal Payasam, Semiya Payasa, and Poppadams( papar) are some of the yummy desserts and snacks served in Onasandhya.

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