Enjoy the Famous Sindhi Delicacies on the Festival of Cheti Chand (Sindhi New Year)

Sindhi cuisine is getting recognized all over the world now, in fact International Dal Pakwan Day is celebrated recently on 11th April after the name of this piquant dish. And Sindhi food is now getting popular among other communities too. These Famous sindhi dishes are relishing, enriched with flavors and different spices.

Also there are many restaurants and hotels in different places which serve Sindhi food. Cheti Chandi is marked as a birthday of Jhulelaal, the god of Sinhi and celebrated as new year, this year it is on 13th April means tomorrow. So, why not observe some of the Famous Sindhi Dishes?

1) Koki

Famous Sindhi Dishes

It is a well known breakfast of Sindhi and comes in the top priority list. It is basically a flatbread made up of wheat flour, onions, coriander, green and red chillies or if you want the simple koko you can skip onions. It is served with curd , papad or chutney or sometimes eaten with tea. There is a mithi koki also. Its one of the most Famous Sindhi Dishes.

2) Sindhi Kadi


Considered as the signature dish of Sindhis, it is a blend of taste and health with so many veggies absorbed in it. Combination of Kadi Chawal satiates any person fully. It is made by roasting gram flour, and complemented by vegetables like lady finger, potatao, drumsticks, green beans, cauliflower and peas. And its base is usually made by tarmarind.

3) Dal Pakwan

It’s the primary food item of the community. Chana Dal is used for making this dal ,mixed with  savoury spices and served with crunchy Pakwan enhances its flavor. Pakwan is made up of all purpose flour and wheat flour. It is also usually eaten during  breakfast  but you can try it any time. And as already mentioned even a day is also marked by the name of this sindhi dish as International Dal Pakwan Day.

4) Dodoh

Famous Sindhi Dishes

It is especially eaten during winters, gives a pleasant taste and is served with chatni as a combination of Chatni Doda or Palli Doda or Dahi Doda. It is like a thick paratha which is made with hands without Rolling board. It is made by jowar or rice flour.

5) Tahiri with Bhee Aloo

It’s a sweet dish, almost in all the occasions , rituals and celebrations of Sindhis, it is served. This dish is generally a sweetened rice  made up with dry fruits like raisins, cashews, coconut and flavoured more with sugar or jaggery. It is taken with the combination of Bhee Aloo sabzi ( Lotus stem and potato). Tahiri is a main prasad distributed during cheti chand.

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6) Sindhi Pulao or Bhugga Chawar and Sai Bhaji


This another famous sindhi dish is loved by other communities too. This is a red colored rice made by sauting onions until they turn brown or pink in colour with some peppers and spices like black pepper, cloves, bay leaf and red peppers. We can also put other veggies in it if we want full veg sindhi pulao. It has a combination with Sai Bhaji which can be said as saag; it’s a mélange of spinach, chana dal, onions, vegetables and spices. It has a high content of nutrition. If you are someone who don’t like spinach after trying it you will never leave it.

7) Majoon

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Its an awesome sweet dish and can be considered as sindhi mithai, it is commonly eaten during winters and during auspicious occasions mostly during marriage. This dish is tricky to make but if made properly you can’t resist on it. It is made with combination of different dry fruits with high content of walnut, coconut is also mixed in it. It’s a must try dish

8) Seyal Phulka

Famous Sindhi Dishes

Seyal Phulka has a distict taste, made by pieces of leftover rotis in the tomato gravy, and then served with curd, it is so delightful and you don’t want to binge on any other thing after eating it. It is a wholesome meal

9) Tuk Aloo

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Well even most choosy people prefer potatoes in the meal, and this can be a treat for all potato lovers. It is made by deep frying the potatoes, then flattening it and then combining in salt and chilis. It is taken as a snack .

10) Mithi Bhori or Kutti

This is an important item which shouldn’t be left out, It is made by cooking rotis then making its small pieces, and then mixing it with sugar, ghee and cardamom powder, all this done by hands. This is a sweet refreshment meal mostly served during winters.

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11) Tri-Daali Dal

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It is filled with nutrition and proteins, as the name implies, it’s a mixture of three lentils. These are channa , urad, and moong dal which are quite healthy. The texture is primarily green color as mostly green dals are used in it.






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