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North-Eastern Indian Cuisine Is All About “Taste Bhi, Health Bhi”

ernWhen it comes to food from northeast India, only momos, chowmein, or Hakka noodles come to our mind Isn’t it? But, these popular street foods are not enough to define North-Eastern Indian Cuisine culture that is full of raw flavors, simple cooked meals, and exotic recipes made with unique ingredients. Even though they are not all about masala, people enjoy them because of their perfect blend of flavor and health.

This is why north-east Indian foods have an unforgettable taste just as the scenic beauty of landscapes and comfortable weather there.

Have you ever been there? If not, then let’s go on a culinary journey with us to explore the North-Eastern Indian Cuisine. Keep reading!

Taste Of Assam
North-Eastern Indian Cuisine

Assam food culture is rich in non-vegetarian recipes that are flavored with simple spices and reserved for special occasions. However, the choice of meat is not limited to chicken or mutton, duck meat, pigeon meat, and even pork are the main ingredient for the traditional recipes of Assam.

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Massor Tenga is a commonly cooked dish here that is a slow-cooked fish curry prepared with tomato, lemon, and an unusual ingredient outenga( elephant ear).

Another popular dish is duck meat curry that is locally known as hanhor mangkho and prepared with ash gourd (lauki). Some people also use pumpkin instead of lauki. Chicken with the bamboo shoot is another option for non-veg lovers here.

Talking about the sweets, pitha is widely loved by the locals. This sweet and savory snack is best enjoyed with curd and jaggery.

Blend Of Flavor And Health From Meghalaya


North-Eastern Indian Cuisine of Meghalaya’s Khasi is full of healthy recipes that are not only prepared with simple ingredients but also creates a balance of the right flavors on your plate. Nakham Bitchi is one just dish that is usually preferred after a spicy meal.

It’s a fish soup with vegetables and Nakham( a dry fish). Few spices, lots of chilies, a little bit of salt, and the soup is ready to refresh you. Apart from this delicious soup, you can enjoy the following delicacies of Meghalaya:

1. dohkhlieh(pork salad)
2. Jadoh( cooked rice with meat)
3. Pumaloi( powdered rice cooked in a special pot called khiew ranei)
4. Minil Songa( sticky rice)
5. Sakin gata( rice cake)

Misa Mach Poora- Mizoram

Misa Mach Poora is rich with the goodness of mustard oil, peppery and tangy taste with shrimp.

food of meghalaya

Both veg and non-veg dishes are popular here. The best part is that ingredients are interchangeable that allows vegetarians to enjoy the same taste without compromising with their choices. Paanch Phoron Torkari is one such recipe that is usually prepared with chicken but vegetables like pumpkins and potatoes can be used instead.

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Sikkim Special- Thukpa

North-Eastern Indian Cuisine

Favorite of locals, thukpa came from Tibet but is widely available at every nook and corner of the state. It’s a noodle soup that comes in both veg and non-veg versions. It is also popular in parts of Arunachal Pradesh.

Besides thukpa, you can enjoy local foods like dhindo which is a buttery and grainy recipe. Meat lovers should try sha phaley( a minced beef fried bread) and phagshapa( pork fat strips). For vegetarians, gya kho, kodo ko roti, kinema curry, sael roti, and many more great options are available.

Unusual Food Of Nagaland

food of nagaland
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The comfort food of nagas is also famous among tourists. Amrusu is a simple chicken recipe prepared with rice and bamboo shoot. The dish is flavored with common spices like ginger and garlic. But Naga peoples are also fond of spicy recipes; smoked pork stew is one such favorite of locals that gives both smoky and salty flavor.

Crab chili sauce, akini chokibo, steamed bamboo fish, and galho are other local foods you can enjoy in Nagaland.

Tradition Of Arunachal Pradesh

food of arunachal

A traditional cheese curry of Arunachal Pradesh is a must-try recipe because a special ingredient goes into it. Yak milk that flavors the local beverages here also goes into everyday food like chura sabji. It’s a must-try for spicy food lovers.

Traditional rice beer Apong, pasa ( khumpatt and fish soup), pehak, and wungwut Ngam( fried chicken) will leave an unforgettable taste of Arunachal on your palette.

Bangwi- Tripura


Tripura has its own specials which are only available here and bangwi is one of them. It is a rice cake made of Japanese rice which is usually sticky than normal ones. A handful of dry fruits, lots of ghee, and few hours of patience are all that goes into bangwi.

However, there are several staple foods as well such as Mui Borok which is a fermented fish cooked with no oil. Beer lovers should taste the chauk which is a traditional beer prepared with a Mami recipe.

Don’t worry it’s not as alcoholic as other beers and safe to drink. Sun-dried rice Bhangui, beans recipe Kasow Bwtwi, pork dish wahan mosdeng are also on the list.

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