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This Summer Get Hydrated with Tender Coconut Water

Summers are arriving and we all tend to include more fluids in our diet, well there can be no better option other than Tender Coconut Water. There are many Benefits of Coconut Water. It’s a natural and organic supplement overwhelmed with many health benefits.

Even in  Ayurveda also coconut water has importance, it is credited with helping in digestion, urination, and many other benefits. It contains a high amount of electrolytes which is the requirement for us. Let’s see some more of its benefits.

1) Low Calories


Coconut water has low amount of calories, only 45 in a cup, it is considered a replacement for processed fruit juices. It controls sugar in your body. It has a low content of sugar and carbohydrates and more minerals and electrolytes.

2) Tremendous Source of Nutrients

Coconut water is produced naturally in fruit and contains little water and more nutrients, it is rich in fiber, Vitamin C, Potassium, Calcium, and other minerals.

3) Nurtures the Healthy Skin


Lack of fluid intake or unhealthy fluids causes dryness, skin rashes, unwanted spots, and causes harmful effects, taking coconut water compensates for all this. It makes the skin salubrious. As it has many vitamins and antioxidant properties which promote healthy skin.

4) Useful in Detoxification

Coconut water reduces toxins which comes due to  wrong diet and routine. It also yields electrolytes and give sufficient hydration which is adequate enough to cleanse harmful toxins from our body and make us feel revived.

5)  Useful for Diabetes

It is recommended for Diabetic patients and it has a perfect combination of natural sweetness and electrolytes with a low glycemic index, thus this adequate potassium organic drink is really useful for Diabetes as it regulates sugar in the body.

6) Reduces Stress and Languidness

Benefits of Coconut Water

Whenever you feel tired, lethargic, and fatigue. Taking coconut water is a feasible option at that time. It will have a soothing effect and you will feel relaxed and eased. Its an all-time suitable tonic.

7) Assist in Weight Loss

Benefits of Coconut Water

As coconut water has low calories and zero fat, it is considered favorable for weight loss. It also modulates metabolism which helps in controlling weight.

8) Contains Relative Amount of Antioxidants

Some studies have shown that coconut water contains a relative amount of antioxidants which help to lower the effect of free radicals produced in our body. It helps to defend cells from the destruction caused by free radicals.

9) Aids in Lowering Blood Pressure

As Coconut Water is rich in Potassium, so it is recommended for people striving to lower their blood pressure. These Potassium enriched supplements will remove excess sodium through urine and hence reduces pressure.

10) Advantageous for Post work out


As we know coconut water contains a high amount of electrolytes. It is recommended for post-workout recharge of water and electrolytes lost during heavy exercises. Coconut water fulfills the demand for nutrients and electrolytes required by our body.

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