Legacy Continues! 5 World Records That Remained Unbreakable Till Date

Records are breakable; if not now then surely someday someone would make a new record and break the existing ones. But sports world still has few records since decades that have not been broken even by the legends. Did you know about any? Read on to learn about those unbreakable world records in the sport history.

Unbreakable World Records Of Most Goals In World Cup

unbreakable sports records

Just Fontaine is a retired soccer player from France who is known for recording highest number of goals in the World Cup so far. His bar has not been even touched by any of the present day megastars like Messi, Neymar, and Ronaldo.

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He had scored total of 13 goals during the World Cup in 1958 with a hat trick in the beginning of the game. Ronaldo has only 8 goals and whereas Messi scored overall 22 in the FIFA World Cup tournaments so far.

More Gold Medals In Olympics

206 countries, one event, and competition to won as many as medals; Olympic is one of the most prestigious platforms for athletes around the world. Setting a record among thousands is itself a tough task. Still, many have set the record and few have broken them but when it comes to Swimming none could beat Michael Phelps.

michael phelps

The only athlete to win 23 gold medals continues to break his own records. The 35-years old swimmer from United States has total of 28 medals including 3 silver and 2 bronze.

Youngest World Champion

There are many sportsperson who although starts their journey either in their teens or twenties but failed to become a world champion. F1 driver from Germany, Sebastian Vettel has achieved this milestone and is the only youngest champion in the world till date.

world champion
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He debuted at the age of 23 and became world champion in 2010.None of the formula 1 racer has grabbed the title of World Champion in their twenties.

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Most Centuries In Test

Entire career of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is filled with records in every cricket genre whether its test match, ODI, or World Cup. The 47-years old cricketer has started playing cricket at national levels at 16 and broke record of Sunil Gavaskar in 2005.

sachin tendulkar

The God of cricket, Sachin holds several records such as cricketer with Longest ODI career, Most ODI centuries, Most 90s in career, and many more. However, Virat became the second after Tendulkar to score fastest 22000 international runs. But one title is still far from him i.e. Cricketer with Most International centuries in Test.

Sachin has scored 51 centuries in test matches whereas Kohli has scored only 27 centuries in 91 matches. There is huge gap between the numbers of centuries in ODI as well where the Indian captain has only 43 hundreds in 254 ODIs. Dhoni is, however, very far away from these records.

Back-to-Back Gold Medals In Olympics

If there is only one man who can run faster than light, it is Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. The 34-years old athlete can run at the speed of 43.99 km/hr which is nearly impossible even for a pro athlete. He brought storm in the world of athletes when he created history in 100m race by finishing it within 10 seconds.

unbreakable world records

2009 World Cup Championship was the event when Bolt completed the race in 9.58 seconds. Even champion athletes like Yohan Blake could not reach closer to 9.5 seconds. But, Japanese Sprinter Justin Gatlin surpassed Usain by finishing the race in 9.45 seconds setting a new world-record.

This shows records are definitely breakable but Usain still holds the title of athlete who have win gold medals consecutively in 100m and 200m race in Olympics. None has won gold back to back like Bolt.

Highest No. Of Goals In A Season

lionel messi

Although Argentinean star, Messi could not even come closer to break Just’s record of most goals. He has created a new world record in the world of football that is unbeatable. The Barcelona captain has once scored 91 goals in one season which is itself a new record.

Unbreakable World Records of Grand Slam Singles Titles

The world knows tennis by the name of few players among which Serena rules in the female category. Though she is known for winning most Grand Slam titles, there is one record she could not break throughout her career.

grand slam singles

A retired tennis player from Australia is unbeatable since 1960s when it comes to tennis player with most Grand Slam single titles. She holds the title for winning 24 Grand Slams and Serena is just one number away. The legacy of Court will continue if Williams failed to surpass or equalize the number in upcoming tournaments.

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