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HomeBusinessBill Gates Under Investigation For Having "Inappropriate Relationship", Here's The Full Story

Bill Gates Under Investigation For Having “Inappropriate Relationship”, Here’s The Full Story

Everyone went in shock when Bill Gates announced a divorce from her long-time partner Melinda. The couple’s relationship was the only reason for breaking up but a report in Wall Street Journal is giving it a different base. According to Wall Street Journal, The board members of the company asked Bill to resign in 2020 whereas Gates cited philanthropy work as the reason.

The reason behind the board’s decision is very shocking. Read further to know the full story.

Divorce, Investigation, And Resignation

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A Microsoft employee in 2019 disclosed a sexual relationship with the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. In a letter, she said that their romantic relation continued for several years. The board members of Microsoft Company took serious actions against Bill Gates and hired a law firm to investigate the entire matter.

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According to the report in WSJ, this was the resign behind the resignation of Gates from the post of CEO. However, Bill’s spokeswoman clarified in a statement that the affair between Bill and that employee ended 20 years ago amicably.

Bill was also in headlines for his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. However, Gates said that he met him only for philanthropic reasons.

What Did Bill Gates Say About Rumors?

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Although Gates didn’t spill the beans directly his spokesperson came forward to gave clarification about the whole matter.

Bridgitt said that Bill’s philanthropy work was the only reason to resign from the post of Company’s CEO. In 2008, Bill discontinued the full-time role at the company and became the board director. However, he has officially left the position of board director in 2020. This was his only link between him and the company.

There are no confirmations of the rumors and relationship of Bill with a female employee but the board members cited this as a reason for his resignation last year. Since Bill and Melinda’s gates filed a divorce to end their long-time marriage of 27 years such rumors are spreading like fire.

According to NYT Reports, Bill Gates also approached his female employees. All the claims are false and these rumors have no base, they are just words of people who don’t know much about the situation, said the Spokesperson of Gates.

Whether these rumors are true or false, they are going to increase the trouble of the former CEO of Microsoft.

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