Best Digital Investing Platforms In 2021 Making Investment Easy

With so many traditional, high-risk, high ROI, and various financial products available in the market, deciding where and how to invest becomes chore questions among investors. This is where the best digital investing platforms come into the picture.

They are like windows to the market for all kinds of investors but with the rising number of platforms comes the difficulty of choice. Not anymore! We are introducing the latest digital investment trends of 2021 that every millennial and retail investor should know.

What Are Digital Investing Platforms?

digital investing platforms

As the name suggests, these are online or virtual platforms offering financial services to end customers. Users can invest their hard-earned money, manage their financial assets, make more money, and track their investments.

Digital investing platforms also manage business functions with a set of tools leveraged with the latest technologies. What makes them different from traditional investment platforms is the ease of business, complete transparency, and accessibility of diverse financial products.

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Therefore, more and more fintech companies, startups, and institutions are taking advantage of digital investing platforms offering the following functions:

• Better client engagement via digital onboarding
• Monitoring or tracking of investment goals independently or in collaboration
• Forecasting of investment behavior
• Let investors balance their wealth portfolio
• Free account opening without the interference of third parties
• Bank-graded security and more

Best Digital Investing Platforms 2021

With opportunities comes the risk. That’s very true in the case of the rising digital investment trends therefore investors must look for low-risk, high return options. We have listed credible and secure investment platforms based on expert’s advice. Have a look below:

1. Paytm Money

best digital investing platforms

This trading platform has earned more than 6 million customers since its launch. Its two-factor authentication, encryption, and bank-security standards make it reliable, trustworthy, safe, and secure. Its best because of the following reasons;

• Paytm Money is a registered investment advisor by SEBI
• The platform offers no proprietary trading or margin funding
• It has a low client to complaint ratio
• Paytm Money is also a member of NSE and BSE

Its low account opening fees with no annual maintenance charges further make it one of the best digital investment platforms.

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Best Digital Investments in 2021

Peer-to-peer lending is becoming a new trend in investment allowing small lenders and investors to earn annual returns of up to 11%. Though it’s a risky option, with a better platform one can mitigate the risk and ensure of getting repayment of a loan. CRED is your ideal partner in P2P with its recently announced Mint Platform.

3. Zerodha Coin

Digital Investment Trends 2021

If you are planning to invest in mutual funds, Zerodha coin is the best digital platform. The Coin app offers two investment plans- regular and direct with some commission expenses. Investing in regular plans is less profitable due to its fee and low returns.

But other advantages such as easy SIP without NACH request, NAV order tracking choice, free Demat account, and easy claiming to pay you well.

Wint Wealth, Groww, Scripbox are some of more best digital investing platforms to look forward to.

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