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Gangster Atiq Ahmed’s Son Asad Killed in an Encounter Case of Umesh Pal!! STF Confirms

Gangster Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad killed: UP’s STF department conducted a shootout for capturing Asad Ahmed and Gulab, the two were involved in the Umesh Pal murder case.

Atiq Ahmed’s Son Asad Killed

Asad Ahmed was killed in an encounter that was conducted by the UP STF team in Jhansi. The STF team stated that the culprits Asad and Gulab started shooting first. The STF department in response started firing and managed to kill both Asad and his partner Gulab.

UP STF ADG confirmed the deaths of the two accused. He further stated that various foreign-made weapons were recovered from the place where the accused resided.

Umesh Pal Murder Case

Asad Killed in an Encounter: Asad Ahmed was involved in the murder of Umesh Pal after which UP Government was searching for him and his mates who were involved in the case. The accused also had a reward of Rs 15 lakh on his head.

Nine people were accused in the Umesh Pal murder case including Asad, son of Atiq Ahmed. After, the encounter all nine culprits already decided the routes to escape and places to hide at Lucknow, Bihar, and Nepal.

All of them planned to stay grounded for a while and were completely restricted from having conversations on a call. All nine accused chose different routes to escape out of Uttar Pradesh.

Atiq Ahmed Wept After Hearing about his Son’s Encounter

Asad Killed in an Encounter: Gangster Atiq Ahmed was attending a court hearing at the time Asad was shot in an encounter. Atiq and his brother Ashraf were been produced in court in Prayagraj today. Atiq Ahmed was a well-known gangster turned politician known for his ill-doings.

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