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Umesh Pal Murder Case: Encounter Killing in UP!! Check Out the Leaked Footages…

Uttar Pradesh police have done a great job as they have killed Usman Chowdhary, who was the first shooter involved in the murder of Umesh Pal, the prime witness in 2005 case of  Bahujan Samaj Party’s Raju Pal’s murder. Vijay Kumar alias Usman Chowdhary was directly accused of murdering Umesh Pal as the CCTV footages revealed him shooting at the victim.

Umesh Pal
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 Umesh Pal Murder Case Cuprit Shot Dead

Usman Chowdhary was involved in the murder of Umesh Pal, a prime witness of Raju Pal’s murder back in 2005. The case went extensively critical as the murder case raised questions over the state’s law and safety. UP CM Yoginath replied by saying “everyone involved in the murder of Umesh Pal will be plunged to ground”.

Umesh Pal was murdered on February 24 after which Prayagraj police announced a bounty on the six culprits involved. UP government announced a bounty of Rs 50,000 which is now increased to 2,50,000. UP Police found Usman in the Kaundhiyara area where a session of shooting began between the police officials and Usman. Usman was shot dead and was later officially confirmed by Dr. Badri Vishal Singh from Swaroop Rani Nehru Hospital, Prayagraj.

Usman Pal Muder Case Footage

CCTV footage shows Umesh Pal moved out of his car along with his police guards when shooters attacked him. Umesh Pal was shot dead on the spot and the two police guards were announced dead after facing severe injuries from the incident.

Footage Confirming Usman Chowdhary’s Death

UP Police encountered Usman and shot him dead in the Kaundhiyara area near Prayagraj. The event took place on Sunday evening when the culprit was trying to escape from Prayagraj in two gateway SUVs that were sent to him beforehand as a backup. The policemen captured him and he was shot and later found dead due to grave injuries.

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