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Rojgar Mela 2023: PM Modi Distributed 71,000 Appointment Letters Virtually! See More…

Rojgar Mela 2023: PM Modi is speeding up the process of recruiting new people for jobs under the “Rojgar Mela” drive. Modi has given a provision to amend the number of jobs and provide a maximum number of people with jobs until the Lok Sabha election which is to be held in 2024.

Rojgar Mela 2023: PM Modi Appoints 71,000 People

Narendra Modi virtually distributed appointment letters to about 71,000 new joiners elected for central government jobs on April 13. The people were hired under the ‘Rojgar Mela‘ program run by the government which hires capable candidates for various job titles.

The program ‘Rojgar Mela‘ is flourishing widely across the country as 10 lakh people are expected to be hired under the scheme. This aim is to be fulfilled prior to the next Lok Sabha election scheduled in 2024.

The Prime Minister of India (PMO) has set Rojgar Mela as the culmination of the commitment given by Modi i.e. employment generation is the top priority of the ruling government.

PM Modi Attends Virtual Ceremony

PM Modi attended the virtual ceremony where he provided appointed letters to more than 70,000 youths selected for central government jobs across the country.

During this event, Modi stated the significance of employment and pledged to provide over 10 lakh jobs until the final day of BJP’s government session. The Lok Sabha elections will be held next year and the fate of the government will choose the winning party.

Modi Addressed the Youth

PM Modi addressed the youth via virtual meeting and praised the empowerment of employment and growth of the country alongside innovation and development. Here are a few marks that Modi set during the Rojgar Mela virtual meeting:

  • Modi started by congratulating the citizens for Baisakhi and then hailed over 70,000 people for getting central government jobs under Rojgar Mela 2023.
  •  Sports budgets have been almost doubled and that creates loads of opportunities for the youth in the field of trainers, assistants, and many more.
  • Infrastructure is a widely growing field and the capital expenditure resolved in the infrastructure has quadrupled under the 8-9 years of BJP’s rule. This creates an abundance of opportunities for engineers, technicians, laborers, etc.

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