7 Times Anand Mahindra Motivated Us With His Humorous Tweets

Everybody knows who is Anand Mahindra and if you don’t then twitter might have introduced you to this amazing personality number of times. Billionaire and chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra is widely known not only for his amazing entrepreneur skills but also for his humor. Twitter is the proof where he has never missed a chance to win the audience’s heart with his tweets.

Every time he tweets, his great sense of humor, humbleness, and lessons of life are reflected in his words. We have collected our all-time favorite tweets by Anand Mahindra and we bet you’ll also become his fan.

Introducing CHUTZPAH

This word was not in our dictionary until a Twitter user name Vipul dared to ask Anand Mahindra for a gift. And what did he ask to gift will surely surprise you? He wrote, “Can you gift me a Mahindra Thar on my bday”

This left him confused about whether to say Yes or No but replied in a very savage way without breaking his fan’s heart and introduced the word CHUTZPAH. Here’s what this word means:

Try! Try! Try Again!

Remember when Chandrayaan 2 lost communication with ISRO scientists and the entire country lost its hopes. PM Modi motivated the ISRO Chief K Sivan and appreciated the entire team for great efforts but Anand Mahindra’s tweet was something the country needed then.

Finding Rare Talent

When it comes to spotting the talent, Anand Mahindra is unbeatable. Recently, the two garbage collectors of Delhi, Hafiz and Habibur have stunned everyone with their voices. Their videos started surfacing on the internet when Anand Mahindra requested users to find a music teacher for them.

And this was not the first such incident, in 2019 a boy got an internship opportunity from him. The boy ran from his house and found washing utensils in a hotel. Surprisingly, the boy was a Millionaire’s son.

So Lucky!!! Looks like he got the double lottery and we struggled to get even one.

Free Gifts

Vipul didn’t get a free car from him but Krishna Kumar managed to do so and that to be without even asking. In October, a guy shared a post that caught Mahindra’s attention and he expressed a wish to gift a Mahindra KUV 100 NXT to the guy who wished to take his old mom on a trip.

Zero Poverty Of Imagination

Poverty is a serious problem for India and no matter how many governments came statistics haven’t changed much. But, Anand Mahindra showed us a bright side of the picture to which he captioned “ zero poverty of imagination.”

Helping Tamil Nadu’s Idli Seller

Customers come and enjoy the idlis of Kamalathal who runs a small shop in the street of Tamil Nadu. Anand Mahindra noticed what everyone missed. She used to cook idlis on a wood-burning stove.

Her struggle and the price at which she sells idlis that is Rs1, impressed by the lady’s struggle Anand Mahindra decided to invest in her business.

Humpty Dumpty To Titans

India lost the match against New Zealand last year, the match was heartbreak for every cricket fan. But, not everything runs in our favor all the time.

That’s what Mr. Mahindra reminded us then and said, “ At the start, we were like Humpty Dumpty but we end it like Titans.”

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