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Wholesome Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive Oil is undoubtedly packed with many benefits, it is advantageous for us in many ways. It’s a fat which is acquired from smushing olives, which is predominantly grown and mulched in Mediterranean region. Olive oil is a treat not only for health but also for skin, hair and regulating weight of the body. Let’s have a look at some of its sustaining benefits.

1) Filled with Healthy Monounsaturated Fats

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Olive oil is the storehouse of monounsaturated fats which is considered a marvellous healthy dietary fat. It reduces the heat in the body and is considered highly suitable from combating with many diseases such as heart disease, cancer, inflammation.

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2) Promotes Heart Health


Polyphenols present in olive oil is congenial for good heart health, it helps to control cholesterol in blood, and stops the arteries that contain bad cholesterol to brain and hence reduces the risk of stroke. It even protects the bad cholesterol from oxidation and ameliorates the lining of blood vessels.

3) Contains Essential Antioxidants


Olive oil comes with many powerful antioxidants such as polyphenols, Vitamin E and traces of Vitamin which helps to reduce the risk of many dangerous diseases like heart, cancer, blood pressure.

4) Useful for Skin


Olive oil contains imperative vitamin for skin such as Vitamin E which is perfect for moisturizing, preventing dryness of skin and dead skin, dark spots. Powerful anti-oxidants, minerals and good fats conquer the free radicals and enhances the health of the skin and provides glow and flexibility to it. It even diminishes the sign of skin ageing.

5) Considered For Treating Depression Sometimes

Our lives are full of tensions, stress, anxiety and depression and with all these we can take break sometimes and take a nice massage with olive oil which has proved to mitigate the signs of depression and augmenting our mood, actually it reinforces the central nervous system, and increases the level of serotonin which is responsible for producing happiness.

6) Good For Hair


Olive oil is great for hair and helps to reduce hair problems like dandruff and hair fall. It moisturizes our scalp. Its essential nutrients, antioxidants is apt for treating hair problems and intensifying the shining of hair and growth and make the hair strong.

7) Beneficial For Digestion

Olive oil also work in digestion, it works best for gastrointestinal tracts and help in smooth bowel movements and prevents constipation. It helps in keeping the gut microbes healthy and helps to reduce acidity also.

8) Helpful in Weight Loss


Olive oil modulates the sugar levels in our body. As it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which helps in regulating the sugar levels in our body  and also make us feel full for the longer time, thereby preventing us from overeating.

9) Aids in Relieving Pain


In our busy schedule we constantly spend time in sitting and working in front of computers, so in such situation we start having many aches and pains and it is necessary to get rid of these pains. A compound known as oleocanthal present in the olive oil, makes it effective for treating anti-inflammatory properties, hence massaging with olive oil helps in abridging muscle and joint pains, spasms, strains, neck pains, back pain, cramps, etc. For extraordinary benefits do yoga and exercises in addition to applying oil.

10) Alleviates Stretch Marks in Women


Women frequently evolves stretch marks on thighs or abdomen which becomes sometimes an embarrassing problem for them. It maybe caused due to pregnancy or fluctuations of weight, and it needs to be treated, massaging the area of stretch marks with olive oil is quite helpful in minimizing it. As this oil results in improved blood circulation, makes the skin hydrated, salutary and make it soft and flexible . Thus  all this reduces stretch marks of the skin.

11) Assists in Promoting Brain Function

Omega-3 and Omega- 6 fatty acids present in olive oil is highly suitable for proper brain functioning and results in good brain, memory power and concentration  and helps in combating neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and brain fog.

12) Aids in Immune System


Olive oil contains healthy fats and polyphenols which helps in supporting the immune system as it instigates immune cells that attack disease causing elements and fights with diseases like cancer, viral fever, cough and cold, etc.










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