Major Crime Shows to Binge Watch

Adapting to the new normal life and accepting work from home policies has been providing us with time to pamper and give time to ourselves. Well, what are the best options other than shows to binge watch for hours and delve into the depths of imagination and curiosity.

Crime shows are a trending genre with an endless list to binge watch and put your mind to work without getting exhausted. Below are some most of the most trending and major crime shows to binge watch and enjoy:-

  1. Collateral


OTT:- Netflix

Cast:- Billie Piper, Carey Mulligan, John Simm, Jeany Spark, Nathaniel Martelo White

This BBC produced show is in the top 10 most enthralling and tempting crime shows. Originally written by David Hare (The Hours) and directed by SJ Clarkson (Jessica Jones), the show has a mind boggling story plot with all the twists and turns intact to thrill you. It is set in the busy streets of London, starring Cary as a headstrong, confident and stealth detective tasked to investigate the murder of a pizza delivery boy, who is probably from a different country or state. The four hour show is all a webbed around the issues of racial discriminations and  immigration issues in England with keeping the humor, drama and curiosity at peak in each segment. The show is a must watch if you are ready to delve into the depths of crime, murder, investigations and enquires because it won’t let you rest on your couch like any other show.

For shows like this, binge watching is must.

  1. The Bridge:-


OTT:- Amazon Prime

Cast:- Demián Bichir, Diane Kruger, Thomas M. Wright

This is one of the most compelling crime shows to glue your eyes on. The story, set in the silent streets of Denmark and Sweden starts with the discovery of two halves of two different bodies on the connecting bridge between the states thus creating a curiosity right from the beginning. The investigation unveils endless clues and it showcases the united efforts of the Danish and Swedish cops in solving the murder mystery. The show has many remakes and you might find the story a little similar to one or two shows but the original plot is extra ordinary.

One of the best recommendations to keep your mind occupied in resolving the serious tensions in the investigation.

  1. Unbelievable:-


OTT:- Netflix

This spine chilling crime segment will shake you to nerves with its twists and plot settings in all. Based on real life events, the show highlight the hardships of a young girl trapped in the  lies and accusations of being molested and raped. The show brings to light the corrupt and disloyal system because of which the young girl has to suffer but her hope is instilled in two detectives who have a soft- corner for her. It is a show narrated with utmost compassion yet it has the spark of curiosity and rage right from the start.

What are you waiting for then, get your coke and corns ready and let the detective in you come to play.

  1. Sherlock:-


OTT:- Netflix

Cast:-  Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs

The name of this BBC production itself defines what the story is centered around; that is murder, mystery, shocking facts and endless investigation. The signature character from the imaginations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Sherlock Homes, a sociopath but a compelling detective who leaves no tables unturned to unveil the truth hidden in the daylight. The four season series is hard to watch without segment and definitely needs your attention if you haven’t enjoyed it yet.

These shows are the best of the crime genre recommendations if you are confused where to start from in the list. What are you waiting for then, go and put your detective skills to work.

khushboo sadani
Khushboo is pursuing her Masters' degree in English from Bhopal. She is a person who believes in turning every single moment of my life into something constructive and fruitful. With a slice of painter and dash of an avid reader, she takes challenges and surprises what life and destiny astonishes her with courage. She believes in living the life to the fullest by finding happiness in small moments.

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