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The Biggest Myth- Milk is Healthy

Milk is always considered a complete food; we all are clenched to these Myths about milk. People in fact are crazy for milk and dairy products. They think they are promoting their health by drinking it but are you all aware this seeming to be health drink with high protein content can affect your health badly.

Especially nowadays where even cow is forcefully made pregnant using illegal artificial ways, the quality of milk is so much compromised now. Before moving further here only dairy milk is talked about like cows or buffaloes milk, we are not talking about non-dairy milk like soya or coconut milk.

Well after reading these you will start disliking milk:

Milk Can Be Allergic

Milk Myth

Some people are allergic to lactose or casein (the milk protein) in milk and cannot digest milk, they have the problems of nausea, vomiting, blood stools, cramps, digestive problems, diarrhoea, bloating and other gastrointestinal issues. Their lactose intolerance worsens their symptoms and leads to coughing too and causes other harmful problems.

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Disturbance in Cholesterol Levels


Many dairy products or a glass of milk contains high amount of saturated fats. Saturated fats results in augmentation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) which is known as bad cholesterol, this higher LDL is not good for heart health leading to increased chances for coronary heart disease.

Acne problems


In multiple studies it is found that milk and dairy products causes more acne and other skin problems like reddening of skin and rashes because of the D-galactose, a by-product of lactose which is pro-inflammatory, this pro-inflammatory property leads to many reactions of skin and also causes eczema.



Many studies have proved that there is a link between prostate and ovarian cancer and milk or its products. Nowadays cows are fed with certain growth hormones which are equipped with certain chemicals that increases the chance of cancer. Well there is no such thing as pure milk that exist now

High sodium content

Milk products such as cheese are filled with large amount of sodium. Cheese is known to contain upto 400 mg of sodium per ounce, they are actually more saline than seawater and our body has difficulty in adapting to such high sodium levels.

Increased Risk of Bone Fractures


Studies have shown that cow’s milk may increase the risk of bone fractures. Animal proteins produces acid during its breakdown and in order to get rid of such acids, our body uses the calcium from the milk and our bones, thus reducing the calcium when we drink milk as calcium is best suited for removing acids from the body. Due to all this milk drinkers have increased chances of bone fractures.

Cows are given antibiotics


Cows are overwhelmed with antibiotics and are given injections so that they remain alive and generate milk in such dirty and filthy environmental conditions, these are antibiotic-resistant bacteria and when humans have an intake of such kinds of milk, and these antibiotics decrease the effectiveness.

High calories and sugar


Whole milk and dairy products such as yogurt, ice-cream, cheesecakes and other desserts have high content of sugar, calories and fats. Despite milk having natural sugar, more sugar is added to such dairy products leading to weight gain and other problems. It then becomes detrimental for diabetic patients as well.

 Milk is unquestionably not so good for health especially because of its lactose content which make it intolerant but still if people find it difficult to give up on the habit of drinking milk, they can switch to other alternatives like trying coconut milk, soya milk or almond milk. These types of milk can be made at home .



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