Facing Sexual Health Issues? Learn About Their Causes, and Ways to Rid Off

If you are facing sexual health issues like infertility, then you are not alone. Infertility in men is more common than you think. It affects about one in every six couples and mostly the problem comes up in males. However it is not always treatable, but there are some ways to increase fertility in men.

In this article, we are going to know about its cause and the ways to overcome this problem.

Causes Of Infertility in Men

Ways to Increase Fertility in Men
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Male infertility is a condition when a man is getting a hard time making his partner pregnant. Usually, it depends on the quality of sperm cells. But sometimes it is related to the following sexual health issues:

Low Testosterone Level: Low testosterone level is one of the main causes of poor fertility in men. 40% of men in the world are affected by this.

Low Sex Drive: Because of stress, anxiety or other sexual problems, some people feel a very low amount of sex desire. It also weakens fertility in men.

Sperm Count: Low amount of sperm in semen is also responsible for infertility in men.

Sperm Motility: It is an essential function for healthy sperm cells. It measures the percentage of moving sperm in a sample of semen.

Erectile Dysfunction: Erectile Dysfunction is another cause of low fertility. It is a most common sex problem that causes a low erection.

Ways to Increase Fertility in Men

1. Schedule Regular Exercise

Ways to Increase Fertility in Men
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You have to make many lifestyle changes for increasing your fertility rate. Especially, following scheduled exercise regularly has the greatest impact on it. According to the research, men who exercise daily have higher testosterone levels and better semen quality.

However, too much exercise can also cause adverse effects on your sexual health. So schedule a normal cardiovascular exercise in your daily routine. Because being physically active is one of the top priorities for increasing fertility.

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2. Increase Consumption of Vitamin C, D and Zinc

Ways to Increase Fertility in Men
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Along with exercise, consumption of healthy foods are also very important for better fertility. Foods rich in Vitamin C, D and zinc are very helpful in it. As per the research, specific foods like orange kiwi, capsicum, grapes, and lemon features these properties in them.

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3. Take Herbal Supplements

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For boosting your testosterone level, you can also take some herbal supplements like Ashwagandha, fenugreek or Shilajeet. As per research, men have experienced increased testosterone levels, fat loss and strength after taking these supplements.

Do not take any lubricants for better sex. It can cause a harmful impact on your fertility.

4. Manage Stress

Manage Stress
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It’s going to be very hard for you to get in a mood when you feel stressed. Stress may reduce your desire as well as your fertility. And this leads you to dissatisfied sex life. As per the studies, stress raises the level of the hormone cortisol, which negatively impacts our testosterone.

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5. Keep Control on Alcohol Consumption

Keep Control on Alcohol Consumption
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Heavy alcohol consumption can lead you to low testosterone levels, low production of sperms and impotence. If you drink too much amount of alcohol, then it may be a core cause of your infertility. Limiting alcohol consumption can increase your fertility rate as well as prevent you from other health dangers. It is one of the biggest causes of temporary and long term Erectile Dysfunction.

6. Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking
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Smoking is another habit that contributes to a low fertility rate. It is more likely to reduce sperm counts in semen. It may also reduce the availability of nitric oxide in the body, which is very important for erection.

Damage done by smoking is not reversible, but some studies found that quitting smoking can help recover from infertility.

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