Reinvent Love In Layers Of ‘Sex In A Pan Dessert’

Bake with love, serve with lust, and enjoy with moan; that’s how you should truly enjoy the Sex in pan dessert. Its weird name will make you try it at least once but the taste will make you ask again and again. This popular Vancouver dessert for valentine is the favorite of almost every couple and often gets a place at Valentine’s table. But, why wait to enjoy this delicious, chocolaty, and creamy treat with your partner when you can make it quickly at home. The recipe is simple even though the name makes it complicated.

Are you ready to bake this sinful treat? Read further for the full recipe.

A Dessert For Valentine Worth Trying Once In A Life!


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You might be wondering why it is called sex in a pan, well the answer lies in the layers. It got six layers of chocolate, vanilla, whipped cream, cream cheese, and pecan. Altogether, the dessert is an ultimate bomb of divine flavors.

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However, shaping the perfect layers can be tricky for the new chefs but don’t worry the messier is merrier in this case. Grab these ingredients and get ready to bake this crazy pudding.


• All-purpose flour- 1 cup

• Pecans- 1 cup

• Unsalted butter- half cup

• Cream cheese- 8 oz

• Whipped cream- 1 cup for cream cheese layer and 2 cups for topping

• Milk- 2 cups each for vanilla and chocolate layer

• Instant chocolate pudding

• Instant vanilla pudding

• Sugar- 1 cup powdered and 3 tbsp granulated

[Tip: You can use cookie crumbs instead of pecan for the crust. Simply melt butter and mix with crumbs in a bowl and spread evenly in pan.]


• Set the oven for preheating at 350 degrees F

• Meanwhile, spray cooking spray in a baking dish

• Take a mixer and process all-purpose flour, unsalted butter, granulated sugar, and pecans

• Spread the mix on a baking tray and bake for 20 minutes

• Till the crust gets ready, prepare the chocolate and vanilla layers via instant pudding mix according to the instructions

• Whip the cream, cheese, and sugar in a bowl till it turns fluffy

• Take the crust mix out of the oven and wait for few minutes before adding layers to it

• Spread the cheese mix evenly on the crush, make a vanilla layer on the top, then chocolate layer and whipped cream as the topmost layer

• Garnish with shaved chocolate and let it sit for hours in the refrigerator

[Warning: The dessert for valentine contains more than 400kcal and depends upon the quantity of ingredients used]

Enjoy this dessert for valentine “Sex in pan dessert”with your bae!!!

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