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Horrifying!!! The Man Lying On Bed Ain’t Human

Here’s a baffling pic trending on Twitter. Though it seems absolutely normal, a man lying on the hospital bed looks like he has just undergone surgery. Well, his smile says it so but not everything that we see is real. This one pic is a great eye cheater and we bet you won’t be able to guess what exactly it is.

Ready For A Challenge? 

viral cake

Did you get it? Obviously no, because this one pic is not enough to identify the catch, Secret lies in the rest of the three pics that Horror4Kids has posted on Twitter recently. Have a close look, it’s going to scare and amuse you.

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Amazing and horrifying, isn’t it? That’s what one of the viewers wrote after realizing that the man in the pic isn’t real and it’s a cake instead. There’s no baking mistake and every single thing on the table seems real until we saw his legs. It seems that somebody has brutally cut both his legs but thankfully it happened or else we won’t be able to believe the caption written with the post.

Right from the man’s face, his smile, hands, clothes, and the entire background is an illusion that is worth watching. I wonder how it tastes.

The BakeKing is one of the extreme cake makers who bake unusual cakes that are a great example of baking skills, creativity, and imagination. It takes a lot of courage to mess with those cakes as nobody could even dare to ruin those artistic delights.

Here are more eye cheating and delicious cakes from the Bake King’s kitchen:

Bake With Heart But Don’t Bake Your Heart

It’s horrible to even look at this amazing chocolate ganache cake coated with red syrup. Would you dare to even taste it?

Brain Cake

Don’t be scared after seeing this Halloween delight.

Bernie Sander’s Cake

Cut With Caution!!!

Leonardo Dicaprio Meme

Baby Cake

It maybe delicious but we can’t even imagine running a knife through it.

Everything Is Cake

Who’s the baker behind these edible illusions? Ben Cullen, a British baker is the master chef of these crazy real-life creations. The one shown above i.e. human vanilla cake was part of a music-video project of Slowthai rapper. The cake was featured in the music album “feel away.”

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