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Rain Blues : Here’s Why Rainy Season Is Making You Sad and Causing Depression

Can rains affect your moods and behavior? Turns out that sudden rainfall, prolonged rains, cloudy weather, or thunderstorms, can affect our mental health and moods in a variety of ways.

When it rains, you might feel sleepy, gloomy, relaxed, or agitated for a number of hormonal and psychological reasons. At any point asked why individuals get up late when it’s coming down toward the beginning of the day. Apparently, sunlight is what gets us moving in the morning, and if we don’t get enough of it, our bodies continue to make melatonin, which makes us sleepy.

Prolonged Raining Causes Depression

While brief downpours can cheer you up, delayed downpours can do the inverse. Days without sunlight can make you dull and even agitated, which are all signs of depression. This is on the grounds that our regular circadian beat can get upset when it’s stormy ceaselessly for a few days.

The monsoon depression

Rainstorm causes occasional discouragement, particularly in the long stretch of August – September on account of the stickiness, weather conditions is muggy in these months. The more discouraged state of mind, the more sticky the weather conditions are, and the more discouraged the individual is liable to feel.

Furthermore, exposure to sunlight regulates a very important hormone which is called serotonin, which is associated with boosting mood and helping one feel calm and happy.

Rains can cause anxiety, trigger PTSD

  • The experiences we associate with the monsoon can influence our mood during the season.
  • Fear of lightning and thunderstorms is common.
  • Previous encounters of being caught in waterlogged circumstances or being through stressors connected with floods can cause nervousness while recollecting about it during stormy season prompting post-horrendous pressure problems (PTSD).
  • Some people have such childhood experiences and may continue to experience rain-related anxiety as adults, which can lead to depression as well.

Rains Can Lead To Loneliness

Cloudy skies can eclipse the sun and lead to a lack of vitamin D which can intensify melancholy. Dim skies and consistent downpours can mean being restricted to the house and being limited socially also which can prompt depression. Individuals with a family ancestry or individuals with history of wretchedness in the past are more inclined to burdensome episodes.

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