Human brains to have wireless chip very soon as Elon Musk’s Neuralink starts clinical trials

The company has been developing such implantable brain-computer interfaces for so long. 

They have been testing the new device on animals and were waiting for approval from U.S. FDA for human trials

Neuralink has got the approval and the human trial will begin within six months. For the start, Musk is targeting on two applications

Restoring vision and improving muscle movement in disabled people are those two targets 

Musk said the newly developed Neuralink device can restore vision even if the person is born blind

However Musk is not sure about the progress rate and said, perhaps the progress will be slow though its exponential in theory

In the last public presentation, Musk talked about building a brain chip for monkey so that it can play games on its own

For humans, such devices will be helpful for treating people with paralysis and brain diseases like dementia

Synchron is another company like Neuralink that has already started studying the result of such devices on patients