Did You Know This Difference Between Miss Universe And Miss World?

Recently, Harnaaz Sandhu became Miss Universe 2021 but Miss World is pending as the event is postponed due to covid contraction among contestants including Manasa Varanasi. But, do we really need another beauty queen? Are not the two same? Many think the same way that is why we are comparing Miss Universe Vs Miss World here to tell you the real difference between them.

miss universe 2021

Both define a woman who is beautiful by heart, mind, and beauty but still, the definition of a perfect body is the same. Slim and toned body, flat stomach, carved legs and they have to prove themselves at challenging rounds.

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Wearing swimsuits, expressing their culture, and impressing judges with their confidence and words are part of both pageants. So, how do the two differ, and whose title is bigger? Answer is here

Miss Universe Vs Miss World: Know The Similaritiesmiss universe vs miss world

There are four beauty pageants organized on a global platform among which these two hold more importance as the title seems bigger. But to your surprise, the Miss World competition is the oldest of all even though it is hard to say which one truly deserves to be called superior. However, the two share many similarities which are:

  1. Both are an annual event
  2. Promotes a humanitarian cause to bring a global change

Difference Between Miss Universe and Miss World

1. The Beginning

History marks the formation of these organizations on different dates in different years but there is ambiguity about their beginning.

miss universe vs miss world

An International Pageant of Pulchritude (International beauty contest) used the title ‘Miss Universe’ for the first time in 1926 whereas the contest began in 1920. But the formation of this global organization happened on 28 June 1952.

On the other hand, the Miss World organization was formed in June 1952 by founder Eric Morley. In 1949, Eric introduced ballroom dancing and a beauty contest as a part of the promotion of the Mecca dance halls where he worked as a publicity manager. The event was titled ‘Miss Festival of Britain’ and later dubbed as Miss World.

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Gradually the event became popular not only in the UK but in the world when BBC started broadcasting it annually.

2. The Location

difference between miss universe and miss world

Both organizations are located in different countries. Miss World is in the United Kingdom and other is in the United States. Their headquarters are located in the countries’ capital cities New York and London respectively.

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3. The President

miss world president

Julia Morley, the widow of the founder of Miss World, is the president of the organization. She was a successful British model in her early life and is now a businesswoman and a charity worker.

Miss Universe organization has Paula Shugart as the president. She has been serving since 1997.

4. The First Title

miss universe vs miss world

Kiki Hakansson of Sweden became the world’s first Miss World in 1951. Finland’s Armi Kuusela was crowned as First Miss Universe in 1952.

But these differences don’t discriminate who’s bigger Miss Universe vs Miss World. Till now, more than 70 beauties across the globe have been titled Miss World including India’s First Reita Faria. She won the crown in 1966. Sushmita Sen is the first Miss Universe from India and the recent one is Harnaaz Sandhu.

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