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Everything About IAF ‘Mi-17V-5’ Military Helicopter

IAF Mi 17 V5 Helicopter is one of the most advanced airlift helicopters. General Bipin Rawat and his wife Madhulika Rawat dies after this helicopter crash. It is deployed in fire support, patrol, troops, convoy escort and search and rescue missions.

The helicopter can fly with a load of around 13,000 kg. It is also featured with many advanced weapons. Here, know all the details about Mi-17V-5 Helicopter

Details About IAF Mi 17 V5 Helicopter

Mi-17V-5 Helicopter
via: India Strategic

Mi 17 V5 Helicopter is from a Russian military helicopter family. It is manufactured by two Russian factories, Kazan and Ulan Ude. The helicopter is developed from the basic Mi-8 airframe. Large Klimov TV3-117MT engines and rotors are fit in it.

The other Klimov VK-2500 optional engine with FADEC control is for extreme conditions. Recently China and Venezuela have purchased this helicopter to be used in high mountains. Mi-17V-5 is the transmission developed for the Mi-14, with the improved fuselage for carrying heavier loads.

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Specification & Features of Mi-17V-5 Helicopter

Mi-17V-5 Helicopter
via: TV9 Bharatvarsh

General information about Mi-17V-5 helicopter:

  1. Crew: 3 (two pilots and one engineer)
  2. Capacity: 24 troops/ 12 stretchers/ 5,000 kg externally slung/ 4000 kg cargo internally
  3. Length: 60 ft and 7 inches
  4. Height: 18 ft and 6 inches
  5. Gross Weight: 11,100 kg
  6. Maximum Weight Capacity: 13,000 Kg
  7. Engines: 2 x Klimov VK-2500PS-03 turboshaft engine
  8. Maximum Speed: 280 km/h
  9. Cruise Speed: 260 km/h
  10. Range: 800 km
  11. Sevice Seiling: 20,000 ft
  12. Hover Ceiling OGE: 13,123 ft
  13. Rate of climb: 1,600 ft/min

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Orders and Deliveries of Mi 17 V5 Helicopter In India

Mi-17V-5 Helicopter
via: Wikimedia Commons

The Indian Ministry of Defence (Mod) had signed a contract of $1.3 billion with Russia for 80 Russian helicopters in December 2008. Deliveries of the helicopters to the Indian Air force has begun in 2011.

Earlier in February 2013, MoD placed an order for Mi-17V-5 Helicopter during the Aero India show. The final batch was received in 2018.

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