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Easy And Convenient Ways To Prepare Powdered Milk At Home

Just like food, milk is also considered our basic need. It is packed with calcium, high-quality protein, riboflavin, vitamin B12, and other nutrients. Therefore, milk is a crucial part of everyone’s diet. But due to lockdown, somewhere we all are unable to keep up with a good and fresh supply of milk. So, what can you do at this difficult time? Well, you can opt for powdered milk as its also packed with numerous nutrients. It provides minerals and vitamins as same as raw milk. Moreover, powdered milk is cheaper than raw milk and is convenient to use as well as store.

If you don’t want to buy readily available dry, powdered milk, then you can also make it at home. Yes, it is very easy to make, and you can prepare it with a few ingredients. So let’s look at why and how to make dry milk at home:

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Reasons To Prepare Powdered Milk At Home:

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You should consider preparing dry milk at home as it is healthy and cost-saving. Plus, by using dry milk, you will be minimizing food waste. Apart from that, it has numerous health benefits that make it better than raw milk. Regular Non-Fat Powdered Milk and Instant Non-Fat Powdered Milk are the most common types of milk powder. Moreover, there are so many methods of making dry milk, such as drum drying, spray drying, and freeze-drying. However, most people preferred spray drying as it produces even particles. Use pasteurized milk is the best way to prepare milk powder.

Powdered Milk- How To Make At Home:

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With dehydrator: If you use a dehydrator to prepare milk powder, then you need to keep a fruit roll inserted in the tray and fill milk into each tray. Dehydrate by setting the dehydrator at 130°F – 135°. After that, you have to leave milk for 12 hours to let it dry. When the milk is completely flaky and dry, mix it in a blender to make a powder. Keep the milk powder in an airtight container for longer use.

With Oven: If you use an oven to make milk powder, then first boil 4 to 5 litres milk and add water if you want. After that, keep the milk for 2-3 hours until the milk gets a creamy layer and then put the milk into a large pan. Now preheat the oven at 150°F and keep the container in it. Leave the oven open to let the moisture out. When the milk becomes dry, put it into a mixer to make powder.

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Additional Tips:

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  • If you are a beginner and first time prepare a milk powder, then you should use only one tray at a time to check the temperature setting work properly or not with your dehydrator.
  • You need to place the dehydrator and tray are on a level surface for hydrating the milk evenly.
  • The milk should be completely dry and, if not, then keed dehydrating it until its flaky and dry.

To conclude, these are the best methods to prepared powdered milk at home. So, try to prepare at home and get healthy and tasty milk!

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