Here Are The 5 Things PM Modi Said While Addressing The BJP Workers On ‘BJP Foundation Day’

Today is Bhartiya Janta Party’s Foundation day. But this year, the world is fighting against a very tough time and is struggling with many challenges.

PM appreciated every citizen of India for being together and fighting in one spirit against coronavirus.

India has set an example against the world fighting with Coronavirus. We have taken timely measures, precautions and decisions to fight this pandemic.

India Has Taken Timely Measures

Experts have helped through this tough situation. Screening at the airports, getting back our people from other countries, preparing the paramedical staff. The world is appreciating the measures India has taken. India has shown maturity during the worst situations darkness of coronavirus said, PM Modi.

This is a long fight, we do not have to get exhausted, we don’t have to stop we have to FIGHT. We have to WIN against coronavirus.

130 crore people of India have displayed unity yesterday at 9 PM for 9 Minutes yesterday. Rich or poor, educated or uneducated came together to fight coronavirus. This unity gave us the courage to fight against CIVID-19.

Today PM Modi addressed the BJP workers on Twitter and addressed on theses 5 points:

1. Ration For The Poor:

Many BJP workers are providing ration to the poor. We have to continue doing this, no poor should be left hungry. We should make sure that no one sleeps empty stomach and free ration should be made available. This is part of our culture and we should follow it.

2. Always Cover Your Face:

While we are helping people one major thing which we should be careful of is covering your face. Even if you are not a doctor, nurse or police you should still cover your face and stay safe. While you are at home or outside keep your face covered is what Modi Ji urged upon.

3. Thanksgiving:

Everyone should individually thank people who are constantly working keeping their life in danger. All the nurses, sanitation workers, police officer, every social worker should be thanked. Every booth should thank them.

4. Download Aarogya Setu App:

More and more people should be made aware of the Aarogya Setu App. Download the app to get notified with the current situation. Fill the details in the app to know who has been infected and take necessary action when someone is infected. This app will provide all the information about COVID-19.

5. Financial help,

This is no less than a war. Many people are coming forward and donating amount in the PM Cares fund. But the fund should increase. Every BJP worker shud also donate and inspire others to inspire.

We should only follow one mantra in the present situation and that is SOCIAL DISTANCING said, PM Modi.

Following proper discipline, guidelines and advisories will help us come out of the war we are into.

Every party member should make themselves safe and save others as well. We are all together in this and will come out as winners.

Meenal Fadnavis
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