Dalgona Coffee Is Trending Now! So, Let’s Make It At Home

When it comes to coffee, there are various types of coffee available such as latte, cappuccino, black coffee, and so on. Everyone prefers their own kind of coffee like some prefer cappuccino in the morning, some prefer black coffee and so on.

Moreover, there is no one who hates coffee, and therefore coffee lovers always do new and tasty experiments with coffee. Dalgona coffee is the new experiment among one coffee lover that is currently very trending on the internet. So, let’s look at the reason behind its popularity and recipe to make it.

Why Does Dalgona Coffee Become Popular?

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This type of coffee has chilled milk at the bottom and a frothy layer on top. The top layer is made with sugar, beating coffee, and hot water. The top layer is airy and super light, and that’s why it does not mix with the milk chilled in the bottom. It looks beautiful and pleasing and, as per coffee experts, equally rich in taste.

The trend of this coffee starts on Tik Tok, with the name of Dalgona Coffee, and gets over 9 million views on the video-making application. After some time, the trend spread over to Instagram, youtube, and Facebook too. The word Dalgona is a South Korean word, which means a sugary toffee. Dalgona coffee is rich in taste and very chilled. So, you can consume it as a cold coffee.

Heres Recipe To Make Dalgona Coffee At Home

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For making this delicious and attractive coffee, all you need is 2 tbsp Instant Coffee, 2 tbsp hot water, Ice cubes, 2 tbsp sugar, and 1/2 glass cold milk.

Instructions to prepare: you can easily prepare this coffee with some simple steps. So, follow these steps and prepare this unique and delicious coffee:

  • For preparing this, firstly, you need to mix hot water, sugar, and coffee in a bowl. For beating the mixture at a fast speed, you can use a hand-mixer or normal spoon.
  • Keep beating fast until the coffee becomes airy.
  • After that, take a glass and pour milk into it as well as use ice cubes for topping.
    Place the mixture of coffee on top and serve chilled.

These days you are at home due to Coronavirus and looking at different ways to avoid boredom. So, try to make Dalgona coffee at home and get a great taste!
Hopefully, this post will help you to make this delicious and new type of coffee.

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