Dr Rajendra Prasad Birth Anniversary: 12 Interesting Facts About The First President Of India

Today is the day we are celebrating the birth anniversary of a person with a unique talent-Dr Rajendra Prasad. He was an Indian politician, independence activist, scholar, lawyer and subsequently became the First President of India.

During the Indian Independence Movement, Prasad was a part of the Indian National Congress. He was a comrade of Mahatma Gandhi and made distinguished contributions to the freedom of India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi designates him as a “Source of inspiration” on his 137th birth anniversary.

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Some Interesting Facts About Dr Rajendra Prasad (1884 – 1963)

Dr Rajendra Prasad
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  1. The only president to serve for 2 full terms and also the longest-serving president in the history of India.

2. In his childhood, he learned Persian, Hindi, and Arithmetic from a Muslim Scholar (Maulavi).

3. During protesting in Salt Satyagrah and the Quit India Movement, Prasad was imprisoned by the British authorities.

4. Dr Rajendra Prasad quit Indian National Congress after the completion of his tenure as a President and set new guidelines for parliament which is followed even now.

5. He was appointed by Mahatma Gandhi in a campaign to help peasants that were exploited in Bihar by British indigo planters.

6. In 1916, he became a member of the High Court of Odisha and Bihar.

7. In 1962, Dr Rajendra Prasad was awarded the Bharat ratan – the highest civilian award in India.

8. He did his law degree from Kolkata. While studying for his graduation, he also taught economics in that college.

9. When Prasad was just 12 years old, he got married to Rajavanshi Devi in 1896.

10. He left his career in law and joined the Non-cooperation movement in 1920.

11. After the Independence of India, Prasad led the Constituent Assembly of India and drafted the first constitution.

12. The Great leader died in Patna on February 28, 1963, at the age of 78 years.

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