Don’t Ditch The Booze, Try These 10 Indian Wines For A Great Christmas Eve

Christmas is just few days far and we all are getting those vibes right now. Well, the winter is all set to make the Christmas a snowy fest but are you ready for the wine and dine at home? Or are you going to celebrate at friend’s place or with ‘long-time no see’ relatives?

Whatsoever is your plan, a good bottle of wine is a must-have on Christmas eve. Isn’t it? And if you have never tried it before then it’s a good chance to taste this sophisticated drink. Don’t worry we are here to help you select a good wine to enjoy on Christmas.

Makes Your Winter Winey, Here’s Why?

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Winter and Christmas, both are incomplete without wine in fact it’s hard to imagine the two without a good glass of wine. It’s scientifically valid as well because wine holds the quality to keep you warm during the harsh cold weather.

Plus, it is good for your heart especially the red wine as it help fight against inflammation and ward off heart disease. In addition to this, wine is good for your mind, gut health, and promote longevity.

All these benefits of red wine are due to the antioxidants that lower blood pressure, reduce cellular damage, cholesterol, and also reduce stress. These are scientifically proven benefits.

Now you know why Western world is fond of wine. But, are all wine good for winters?

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Red Vs White, Which Is Better?

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The world of wine is filled with only two colors- red and white and guess what; the two are different not only in colors but also in terms of health benefits.

According to most trusted health website, Healthline red wine is healthier than white. Why?

It’s because of resveratrol that red wine contains more than white. However, health experts are not 100%sure that red one is actually far better than its counterpart. So more studies are required to confirm this fact.

Contrary to this, wine experts believe white wine is best for winter as they are more acidic or alcohol. Thus, they goes well with the heavier foods.


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Wine is wine there is no perfect season for it so prefer your favorite flavor. But don’t drink more than 1-2 glass because more is not merrier in case of wine.

Best Wine For Christmas Celebration

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” The Best Wines Are The Ones We Drink With Friends” But if you are serious about your budget and want to throw a great wine party for friends, then rely on these best wines of India.

  1. Cabernet Shiraz is great to pair with cheese and grilled meats. It’s dark purple hue and fruity aroma will fill the atmosphere with fresh vibes.
  2. Sette is also a good choice to try this season. It’s unique chocolate and coffee flavor will make you fall in love with this red wine delicacy. But, it’s quite expensive in case you are inviting dozen of friends.
  3. Big Banyan Merlot is affordable pick with a divine plummy finish. Pair it with pasta, milled, or any light food of your choice and enjoy.
  4. La Reserve is an award-winning brand of wine and it’s available in different flavors like vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and more.
  5. York Arros has out of the box flavor as it gives slight paprika aroma but goes well with spicy Kebabs, steaks, and other Indian food.

These 5 are the red wine brands of India that are loved worldwide. However, if you are going with expert’s advice that is white wine then we do have a list for that as well.

White Wines India

  1. J’Noon white
  2. Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco
  3. Sula Riesting
  4. Chardonnay
  5. Moscoto

All goes well with spicy seafood and thick gravy dishes. So, go and grab the one and get ready to unbottle, sniff, and toast a glass of wine with your friends on Christmas eve. After all Christmas is all about Santa, desserts, getting gifts, snow, and a great wine.


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