Best Home Decor Ideas For A ‘Merry Christmas’

Christmas is on its way and we can see it’s excitement around us. The streets are illuminated with glitter lights, the Christmas trees are being decorated and sweets are being prepared.

Some are planning to go on a Christmas vacation while some are having a gathering at their homes. In every festival, we give a new look to our homes. We buy new decor things that transform the look of the entire house.

Christmas is a festival of joy and happiness and your homes should reflect that. Here are some easy and beautiful home decor ideas that you can try this Christmas. Give your home a new Christmas makeover.

1. Red And White Wreath 

christmas Wreath


Red and white are the important colours that give you major Christmas vibes. Wreath make your place look more special. If you decide to choose a red and white theme then you can go for a wreath of the same colour.

2. Candle Jars For Centre Table

Christmas Candles
Via: Christmas Flare

Candles illuminate the place and make the place look more warm and happening. We can use fragrant candles or fancy candles in a decorated jar. You can also position the candles on a centre table and decorate with the coloured theme with ribbons and decorative stuff.

3. Different Types Of Lights


Different shaped lights can be used in different areas of the house. Using specially designed lights will enhance the look of your decoration and give more festive feels to your home decor.

4. Decorate Your Staircase 

Stair case

If you have a staircase making its way from the living room of the house, then you can beautifully decorate that as well. We can use red cloth, artificial green grass and some lights and hangings to it.

5. Christmas Tree Made From Spoons

Christmas Tree
Via: Pinterest

If you love doing DIY’s then you can try this easy but attractive spoon made Christmas tree for your home decor. Just add some greenery around and lighten up the background using lights. This portion of your house will attract all your guests.

6. Keep Miniatures Like These


Christmas vibes should be reflected from every corner of your house. You can keep small miniatures and decorations like these that will make your corners look beautiful and attractive. You can keep them in your garden or around the entrance gate as well.

7. Snowflakes Hangings

Snowflakes hanging

Snowflakes represent the season of Christmas and hence there presence is required in the decoration. You can use snowflakes chandeliers, wind chimes or simply snowflake hangings that will look elegant adding a charm to your decor.

This Christmas, give your home a new look with these simple and basic home decor ideas. Let every corner spread love and happiness of the festival.

Merry Christmas!

Meenal Fadnavis
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