3 Healthy Detox Drinks That Your Congested Lungs Need The Most During Winters

Can detox drinks cleanse our lungs? However, our lungs are capable enough to cleanse themselves without any external help. But, the cold winters and the risk of covid-19 can slow down its ability. And those with asthma and other breathing issues find it even harder to keep their lungs in good shape.

Not anymore as we have come up with the most effective detox drinks for lungs that protect and improve the lung’s natural ability to cleanse.

Health Benefits Of Detox Drinks For Lungs

detox drinks for lungs
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We all know what detox drinks do, they eliminate all the toxins from our body’s different organs and improves our overall health. They also help in weight loss, boost the digestion process, reduce inflammation, and improves skin health.

But, what do they do for the lungs? Our lungs have air passageways that are small and narrow. Exposure to pollution, excessive smoking, and cold weather can block these passages making it tough for the lungs to get rid of pollutants.

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They also leave our lungs congested and inflamed resulting in chest pain and a feeling of heaviness. As a result, breathing normally becomes difficult and the risk of lung diseases increases.

Therefore, it is important to unblock the passageways so that once again our lungs can function normally. However, steam therapy, chest percussion, postural drainage are some of the ways to cleanse the lungs.

But the easiest way is to include certain foods and drinks in the diet that heals the lung from inside and reduce inflammation. Detox drinks for the lungs contain inflammation-reducing antioxidants ingredients thus it boosts the lung’s health.

So, you must prepare these healthy detox drinks during winters to ward off common health issues.

Healthy Detox Drinks For Lungs

Ginger And Turmeric Detox

detox drinks for lungs

Turmeric and ginger both are healthy foods for the lungs that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. So, get the goodness of ginger and turmeric with this recipe:

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  • Water- 2 cups
  • Turmeric powder- half teaspoon
  • Freshly chopped ginger- half teaspoon
  • Cinnamon powder- half teaspoon
  • Honey- 1 tablespoon
  • Lemon wedge- 1

Recipe: Boil the water and add all the spices to it. Simmer for 10 minutes and then add honey. Strain the ginger-turmeric tea in a cup and enjoy it warm.

Mulethi Detox

detox drinks for lungs

Another common cold remedy is licorice or mulethi that is packed with antiviral and antibacterial compounds. These compounds help in fighting against seasonal health issues like cold and cough. It also improves dental health, manages blood sugar levels, improves immunity, and digestion.

Therefore, everyone should drink mulethi detox tea during winters.


  • Licorice or mulethi root- one inch
  • Water- 2 cups
  • Lime- 2 pieces

Recipe: Let the mulethi root simmer for a few minutes in the hot water. Strain it to a cup, put the lemon slices, and enjoy.

Smoothie For Lungs

detox drinks for lungs
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Take one cup each of apple, beetroot, and carrot. Blend the three into a food processor and enjoy this complete detox drink.

Besides these detox drinks for the lungs, you can also have green tea, cranberry juice, honey, and lemon water to make your lungs healthier and stronger.

Although all detox drinks are healthy, one should consume as per their health conditions only after consulting the doctor or dietician.

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