6 Ways To Show Love That Creates A Magical Spark In Relationship

Lovemaking feels great! But is it the only way to show how deeply you are in love with your partner? No, other ways to make love without “lovemaking” are more intimate and make your partner feel more loved.

It does not mean that you should not make love, but remember- “Physical intimacy is not the foundation in love”. The key to happiness and long-lasting relationship is an intimacy that is different from the physical one.

And admiring or appreciating your partner is an excellent way to maintain intimacy without intercourse and form that deep connection. Try these ways to show love and creates a deep emotional connection:


ways to show love

Cuddling is the second most intimate connection that gives an incredibly beautiful feeling. This feeling is more special when you hug somebody who cares and loves you. Anytime is great for this; you can enjoy cuddling your bae on the bed in the morning or night.

Cuddling is one of the best ways to show love when you are in a long-distance relationship and meet once a while. It will not only give you goosebumps but make your bond stronger as well.

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maintain intimacy without intercourse

Giving each other massage ensure that you maintain intimacy without intercourse and relieve stress as well. This kind of physical touch of your partner on your body will make you feel closer both physically and emotionally. However, for this, you should trust and give complete control to your partner.

Hold Hands

ways to show love

A simple yet intimate way to show that you need attention from your partner is holding hands. Furthermore, it floods your body with the love hormone that is necessary to feel relaxed and happy. So, whether you two are hanging out or walking down the street, hold each other hands.

Make Eye Contact

maintain intimacy without intercourse

Sometimes, even making eye contact with your partner is awkward. But, staring at your partner while talking is a romantic gesture where you can maintain intimacy without intercourse. At first, it may start with a little awkwardness, but soon things will get serious.

Compliment Him

ways to show love

Everyone feels good when their partner appreciates or compliment. But, a compliment in front of those who are close to him can do wonders in your relationship. It will make him feel more appreciated and loved. However, it should be natural and not for the sake of his smile. Be honest while bragging about your partner.

Pillow Talk

ways to show love

Don’t forget the importance of conversation in love because it makes sense. A conversation on the bed is the right time to talk about your past experiences and future as well. Talk about your relationship that you have always thought of.

However, it could be silly or deep conversation both as laughing together is equally important, but it should be relaxing. But not only talk, listen as well. When you listen actively from your partner, they will feel that their words have value.

Remember that conversation should be constructive, and if you feel negative emotions flowing during it, then end the conversation.

It is not hard to maintain intimacy without intercourse, but you have to follow the right ways to show love. And it’s not just you who should be working on it. Work on it together.

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