A 20-Seconds Hug For Zero Stress: Benefits Of Hugging & Cuddling

Couples never forget to celebrate every day of Valentine’s week. Today is the day when they can get the benefits of hugging & cuddling. But is this the only day when you should cuddle or hug your loved ones? The answer is, of course, NO, because hugging requires no reason. 


We can give this interpersonal touch anytime and anywhere to our loved ones. It’s beneficial for our health, not only emotional but psychological as well. Here are some unknown benefits of hugging & cuddling that everyone should know to improve others’ lives with a simple touch. 

Unfortunately, with the increasing use of smartphones, we are overlooking the need for interpersonal touch. Also, this has become less common due to the narrow mentality and cultural boundaries. As a result, we face repercussions like insecurity, the feeling of loneliness, and more. Luckily, all these effects can be reduced through hugging. 

Why Are Hugs So Powerful?

Hugs may seem a simple touch between two people, but multiple studies show that this simple touch leaves a powerful impact on our body and mind. This free therapy has no side effects and can benefit in these ways.

1. “YES” To Hug, “NO” To Stress


Feeling stressed? Then hug your partner or anyone close to you. A hug for 20 seconds helps reduce stress. If you don’t believe it, try it, you will feel better than before. 

A recent study shows that hugging is directly linked to our immune system. It is just a way we can provide a little support to someone. Also, it reduces the production of cortisol ( stress hormone) and calms you down. 

So, if your friend, a family member, lover, or even classmate is feeling stressed, then give them a tight hug. 

2. Potential To Boost Your Relationships


Our brain releases a vital neurotransmitter known as oxytocin that is responsible for contentment. Moreover, more oxytocin in your brain reduces the level of stress and anxiety. Also, research shows that for better social bonding and relationship, oxytocin is responsible. So, now you know what you have to do to improve your relationship. Hug them.

3. Make Your Mood Better With A Hug


It’s not just oxytocin that your brain produces when you receive or give a hug. More chemicals like serotonin and endorphins get released. These are responsible for better mood and self-esteem. So, uplifting someone’s spirit with your hug works as a cure for someone who is depressed or feeling lonely. 

4. Hugs Make Your Child A Better Adult


Do you know the benefits of hugging & cuddling to an infant? Your little ones need more hugs to become a better adult. It is because when they receive hugs from parents or someone close to them, vasopressin is released in their body. This is an essential hormone for bonding and familial recognition. 

5. More Hugs Are Better


Today is the day when you probably wouldn’t miss a chance to cuddle with your partner. But you and your partner deserve four hugs every day. Science says that there is nothing called as too many hugs. But for survival, you need at least four hugs a day. That’s not enough for maintenance, so give eight hugs a day. For better growth, give 12 hugs each day. 

But How Long Should A Hug Last?


Studies suggest that cuddling for at least 20 seconds impacts positively and floods your brain with bonding hormones. That may be a too long period for someone who doesn’t believe this fact. But for romantic couples, a 20-second hug is not enough. 

Whether you believe in this 20-second hug theory or not, don’t overlook the benefits of hugging & cuddling. Just spread your arms and give a warm hug to your beloved ones. 

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