This Renowned Company Is Selling ‘Cow Urine Hand Sanitizer,’ Check Out

This Renowned Company Is Selling ‘Cow Urine Hand Sanitizer‘, Check Out

Cow dung and urine are said to be useful in curing coronavirus. As mentioned in the earlier article, A Hindu group “Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha” organized a Gomutra party where they have served their guest’s cow urine to protect them from coronavirus.

Well, the fear of coronavirus is everywhere, and you also feel fear of getting affected by this dangerous virus.

As coronavirus has spread in the major countries, the lack of sanitizers is now becoming a big problem—the lack of hand sanitizers troubling people. As people are looking for hand sanitizers in bulk since shops and malls are being locked down for days, the shortage of any product is becoming a big fear.

However, while searching for Sanitizer on online shops, one of my friends found that some sites are selling hand sanitizer made of cow urine. Yes, you heard it right!


This hilarious product is available for buyers on Amazon. This unique hand sanitizer contains purified cow urine. The urine is extracted from indigenous cows. Also, use aromatic oil as well as Ganga Jal for a soothing fragrance.

The product description reads;

“Distilled cow urine, obtained from indigenous cows. It is gelled with aromatic essential oil and Ganga Jal to make antiseptic Cowpathy Alcohol free Hand Sanitizer. “

And, if you think that cow urine hand sanitizer isn’t enough for you, then you will find similar products at the store like Cow Dung Bath Soaps.


That’s hilarious! It’s like we respect others’ beliefs and efforts, however, I will suggest you to to buy any of these products. Instead, try to wash your hands properly as suggested and avoid interacting with people.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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