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Fast Or Slow In Love? Zodiac Signs Tell The Truth

How quickly you fall in love? You might say that it depends on the qualities of a person, but it depends on your zodiac signs as well. Astrologers say that few compatible zodiac signs fall in love at first sight while others take years to fall for somebody.

So, have a quick sneak-peek to know what your zodiac signs say about falling in love and what zodiac signs should date each other.

Zodiac Signs Who Are Very Fast To Fall In Love

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Aries is the quickest one to start their love journey because of their fast-moving nature. They are courageous and leaders who do not hesitate to sit on the driver’s seat. Furthermore, Aries are very excited when it comes to love. However, their excitement has nothing to do with their staying in a relationship.

So, if you think that what zodiac signs should date each other, then Aries get 50-50 votes, you never know when they leave because they are quickies in moving too.

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compatible zodiac signs

Despite being shy and emotionally sensitive, cancers are the fastest to fall in love with. Their compassionate and affectionate nature makes them a giver in love. Cancers are emotionally available and build a secure connection with their partner. Henceforth, they are the most compatible zodiac signs in a relationship.


Due to their charismatic personality, Leo makes a quick decision about their life even if it’s about their love life. And the good part is that they are loyal, which makes them the most compatible zodiac signs.


what zodiac signs should date each other
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“Love at first sight”, that’s what Pisces believe. But this tendency hurt them a lot than other compatible zodiac signs. It is because the idea of love makes them happier than actually being in love.

They are dreamers and sensitive who look for a caring partner. So, if you are someone born between 19 February – 20 March, then know what zodiac signs should date each other. Falling for the right person will prevent the feeling of heartbreak for Pisces.


Truly romantic at heart, librarians may not be super fast but pretty fast to fall for someone. People of this zodiac signs are harmonious, charming, and flirty. For them, love is about partnerships, and they look for those who believe the same.

Also, Libras look for somebody who is not beautiful from outside but on the inside as well. They like somebody who is ready to put equal efforts into their relationships.

Zodiac Signs Who Are Slow In Love

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They do not fall in love for the sake of love. Instead, they need someone who thinks of a future with them. They need security in a relationship, even if it’s a long-distance relationship.


For Gemini, love is not a quick game. But their social nature makes them explorer, so they don’t stick to just one.


what zodiac signs should date each other
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Virgos are sure “NO” for someone only interested in dating. This super slow zodiac sign believes in work and productivity. Virgos don’t like those who interfere with their career and do not meet their standards.


It is not easy to earn the trust of scorpions. So, if a scorpion trust you, it means you are very special to them.


Sagittarians don’t like anybody to interfere with their freedom, so they rarely fall in love.


what zodiac signs should date each other

Capricorns are very slow in love and are attracted by successful people. They invest only in worthy people.


Aquarians are social beings who care more for the community rather than themselves. Therefore, among all the zodiac signs, they take lots of time to fall in love.

Now, you know what zodiac signs should date each other.

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