5 Ways To Never Lose The Spark In Your Relationship!

When we are in love, at first it’s all exciting and fun. We make time for our partners, try our best to impress them and plan surprises for them.

We are so thrilled to share every small detail of our life with them and just couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

But after a few months, when this little honeymoon is over, we become too comfortable and all the excitement and butterflies in our stomach just die!

But, who said long-lasting relationships have to be boring? if you both make efforts there a lot of ways to maintain the Spark.

Here are a few ways in which you can keep the spark alive in your relationship:

Get out of the boring routine!

long-lasting relationships
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When we are in a long term relationship, we get into specific routines and do things, in the same manner, every day. Although this daily routine of good morning texts and early to bed works fine, there is no harm in spicing things up a little! Go out of your way to surprise your partner, try new things together or just express your feelings differently. There are so many things you can do to make your partner feel special and you shouldn’t shy away because it requires a little effort. Bend your routine a little and see the change yourself!

Bring that old school romance back!

long-lasting relationships
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Remember when you started dating, how you used to dress up for them and plan romantic dates? What changed now? Just because you have been with them for a long time doesn’t mean you stop making efforts altogether. If you want those flying sparks go plan a romantic dinner, dress up, make those cute dreamy gestures and impress them just like old times. Not only your partner will be surprised they too will make the same effort!

Prioritize your partner over your phone!

long-lasting relationships
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We don’t even realize how much we are addicted to our phone screens until it’s dinner time or when our partners use their phones between conversation. We often ignore our partners and surf our Instagram feed instead. For any long-lasting relationship, try devoting your undivided attention to your partner while you are with them, ask them questions instead of Google and spend quality time with them. Not only would this make your relationship better but also make your partner would feel special the whole time.

Take an interest in each other’s life!

long-lasting relationships
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Initially, when things are new, everything is interesting but as time passes most of us have nothing new to talk about! And gradually we lose interest in our partner’s life. But that’s when things become too boring right? Well, there is a simple solution to this problem start taking interest in your partner’s life, ask them how their day was or about their thoughts on that new series! Bring up topics of your common interests and one conversation will lead to another and you’ll be lost into each other’s eyes like old times!

Spice things up inside your bedroom!

Don’t shy away from trying new things! Try role-play, increase your foreplay, sleep naked or try new exciting ways to increase pleasure which are comfortable for you and your partner.

Maintaining the spark in a relationship is very important and if both your partner and you make little efforts, the whole experience will make your bond stronger!

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