The Loss Incurred To Film Industries Due To Coronavirus is Tremendous!

The entire economy is being affected due to the pandemic of coronavirus. Bollywood, as well as other film industries, are also getting affected by this. To control the spread of coronavirus, governments have declared the closure of movie theaters. Around 3500 screens have been locked down so far.

Not only theatres, promotional events, interviews, and shootings are on hold due to coronavirus scare. The film and television industries are facing significant losses.

Loss Incurred?


It is tough to calculate the amount of exact loss. However, movie theatres in Delhi alone faced a loss of around 2 Lakh so far, and it is expected the loss amount will rise to 10 lakh in the coming days.

Theatres of big Hindi films are shut down in Delhi, Mumbai, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. Aside from this, many films’ release date has been postponed, and shootings of Tv shows have been delayed.

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If the scare of coronavirus continues like this, then the chances of Bollywood and other film industries will be more likely summing up to a loss of more than 500-800 crore. 

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‘If theaters across India are closed, theater owners will suffer a loss of around 40-50 crores a week. At the same time, almost half of India is closed at this time, Said multiplex owner and film critic Raj Bansal.

‘Now it depends on how long it will be closed. The release dates of films have been postponed. The film dates have extended. This has resulted in the loss of the owners, distributors and theater owners. If it gets closed for one month, then the film industry will suffer more than 500 crore loss. he further added.

Let’s see when and what further decision will be made on the situation!

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