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Kartik Aaryan Finally Breaks Silence on Karan Johar Fallout During Dostana 2 Shoot!

Kartik Aaryan has been lauded for his good looks and acting talents, making him one of the most celebrated actors in the Bollywood industry.

His devoted fanbase goes to great lengths to demonstrate their admiration, and the actor has been actively engaging with his fans on social media.

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Recently, Kartik was the subject of a lot of chatter when he was abruptly removed from Karan Johar’s much anticipated film Dostana 2.

The cast had already begun shooting prior to the pandemic, and Kartik’s departure caused a big rift between him and the director.

Kartik Aaryan, Karan Johar
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Reports indicated Kartik was unprofessional, but he has since spoken out about the allegations.

Kartik Aryan speaks out about the rift between him and Karan Johar.

Recently, Kartik was a guest on Rajat Sharma’s Aap ki Adalat program, where he was asked why he left Dostana 2.

The actor was quoted saying, ‘This sort of thing happens sometimes. I haven’t spoken about it before, but I follow the values my mother has taught me – that when there is a disagreement between two people, the younger one should remain quiet. That’s why I don’t talk about it.’

Kartik Aaryan, Karan Johar
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Kartik was asked about reports that he had requested more money and left the film when it was refused.

He denied the reports and stated that it was like a Chinese whisper and not true, as he is only greedy for good scripts and not money.

He then revealed the real reason for his departure, which was a one and a half year hiatus and some changes being made to the script that could not be implemented.

Kartik also noted that he and Karan Johar are now on good terms, with the latter even offering his congratulations on the release of Shehzada trailer, to which Kartik responded in kind.

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Kartik relays the counsel he was given by Salman Khan.

Kartik shared that Salman Khan had given him advice when his films were becoming successful amidst the pandemic, unlike other actors. He noted, ‘When everyone is doing well and you do well, it doesn’t feel special. But when everyone is failing and you succeed, it leaves a mark in history.’

Kartik Aaryan, Salman Khan, Karan Johar
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Kartik Aryan discusses his romantic life.

Kartik was rendered speechless when Rajat Sharma mentioned that he had established a new record in the industry whereby his name was linked to the heroine of each of his films.
The actor replied, “Sir, I can only tell the truth, but I’m wondering how much truth to tell. I like coffee, so when someone invites me out, I know they’ll probably have coffee, and that’s why I usually agree to go.

Kartik Aryan discusses his romantic life, ananya pandey, Sara Ali Khan
Source: Google, Kartik Aaryan

He further said, “I’m a very generous person, so that news gets spread around…other than that, I haven’t really established any record. If two people are spotted together, that’s all it takes to create speculation that they’re dating. I guess that if I went out for coffee with you, the same thing would be said!’

Kartik mentioned that he is currently focusing solely on work and has completely committed himself to it. He declared that he was single and that he was dedicating the next two years to working with Sajid Sir, leaving him with no time for anything else.

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