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5 Best Home Remedies To Reverse Hair Fall Permanently, Try It Now!

Tired of trying all the best-claimed hair care products to deal with the stubborn hair loss problem? It was obvious to happen if you have not figured out the real cause of hair loss. Once you know why, finding answers to how becomes easy. The same goes for this but answers are always these 5 best home remedies for hair loss that are trusted for ages.

Even health experts have studied the results of the ingredients used in these homemade solutions and celebs swear by a few of these. Don’t believe? Check these haircare tips by Madhuri Dixit. 

What Are The Root Causes Of Hair Loss?

home remedies for hair loss

Let’s deal with this problem from the root i.e. why does hair fall? It depends on the type of tresses you have, thin and malnourished hair can easily fall off due to poor weather conditions and improper hair care. The common reasons are:

  • Age- As with age the growth of hair follicles turn weak and growth slows down
  • Stress- A stressful time directly impacts the stem cells and restricts hair follicles from producing new hair
  • Poor hair care– Too much hair coloring leads to permanent damage to follicles. Tightening hair or continuously pulling is also responsible for it
  • Pregnancy- Females often suffer from hair loss as estrogen levels drop in their body during the pregnancy stage
  • Scalp Infection– Both men and women can get scalp infections that cause inflammation, itching, and head-scratching. Ultimately, it leads to falling of hair in excess.

Alopecia, scalp psoriasis, STIs, Thyroid, and little medication are the possible reasons for hair loss. If the above points are the reasons behind your hair fall, then these home remedies will help you fight hair loss.

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Effective Home Remedies To Prevent Hair Loss

1. Egg Mask

hair loss remedies

Obviously, egg smells awful but it can make your hair shinier and healthy. It adds strength and helps them grow better. If you have split ends, then eggs are perfect for you.

How to use- Make an egg mask with honey and olive oil (1 tbsp each) and apply to the hair strands using a brush. Apply in a downward direction from roots to the ends. Wash with a mild shampoo after 30 minutes.

Apply only one time a week. You can also use rice for hair if you don’t like an egg for its smell.

2. Amla And Lemon

home remedies for hair loss

The Indian Gooseberry is incredibly beneficial for the hair as it contains Vitamin C that prevents the real cause of hair loss. Dandruff and Dry Scalp destroy hair follicles leading to itching which indirectly leads to hair fall. Amla helps treat these issues.

How to use- Make a hair mask with 1 tbsp of amla powder and lime juice (only a few drops). Stir well to apply to the hair. Cover the hair with a shower cap and rinse your hair after 40 minutes with a mild cleanser.

3. Onion

onion juice
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This is an old remedy to treat hair loss and you must have heard it from your grandma. The strong smell of onion is however the reason why not everyone dares to use it. But it gives a solid result and even makes hair thick and shiny.

How to use- Grate some onion pieces and extract the juice. You will require 2-3 onions to get enough juice if your hair is long. Use a cotton ball to apply it. Wash with shampoo after 30 minutes.

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You can wash with diluted apple cider vinegar later to erase the unpleasant odor of onion.

4. Fenugreek Seedsfenugreek seeds

Studies show that Fenugreek seeds treat temporary causes of hair loss like dandruff and itchy scalp. These tiny seeds have iron, protein, flavonoids, saponins, and zinc. All these nutrients encourage hair growth, prevent excess oil production, reduce inflammation, and also heal wounds.

How to use– Take a bowl of water and soak the seeds overnight. The next morning, drain the water and make a fine paste of fenugreek. Apply the paste evenly on the scalp and wash at least after an hour with cold water.

5. Beetroot Juice/Leaves

beetroot juice for hair lossBesides being a natural hair color, beetroot is a good remedy for hair loss too. It closes the pores, removes the dead skin cells, and nourishes the hair from within. It goes deeper into the scalp to treat dandruff and itchy flakes.

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How to use: You can either rub the beetroot cubes directly on the scalp or wash hair with beetroot and henna. For the second method, boil leaves of beetroot in water till the water gets reduced. Grind the leaves and mix henna to them. Apply this paste and wash after 20 minutes.

Whatsoever home remedies for hair loss you are trying, don’t overdo. Keep the frequency only 1-2 times a week. And if you feel any itching or rashes or any side effects then quit it immediately. Those who have medical conditions related to hair like alopecia should consult a dermatologist first.

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