Here’s How You Win Your Fight Against Hair-fall!

Hairfall is something that most of us encounter in our daily lives and it hurts more than any heartbreak!
After all, our hairs form a major part of our esthetics and make us more confident.

There are many reasons why you might be facing this struggle, whether it’s due to your poor diet, diseases or genetics there is always a way you can counter this situation.

Here are some proven tips to win your fight against Hairfall.

1. Proper Oiling

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Remember when you were younger, your elders used to put tons of oil in your hair but as you grew up you skipped that part altogether.
Well, there was a reason behind it, the oil penetrates the scalp and prevents protein loss and also acts as a natural conditioner after hair wash. Even if you can’t oil your hair daily at least oil them 2-3 times a week or 4-5hours before washing. It’ll strengthen your hair to a great extent.

2. The Right Shampoo

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We often fail to understand the importance of the right type of shampoo for our scalp.
Choose a shampoo-type that is mild and don’t overwash your hair. Overwashing your hairs can lead to a dry scalp which can increase hair fall and result in dandruff. Underwashing results in an oily scalp which can pose the same problem. Try to maintain a healthy routine for your hair and choose the right products.

3. The Right Diet And Supplements

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You don’t have to spend tons of money on hair treatments when all that is wrong with your hair is your diet. Sometimes due to deficiency of some vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin D hair loss occurs. You can include the food products rich in these vitamins or take supplements. Be cautious while taking supplements as overdosing has toxic effects.

4. Say No To Torturous Hairstyles


One of the common cause of hair fall is your hairstyle. If you style your hair in a tight ponytail or use too many clips and Bobby pins, they exert so much pressure on your hair that they become weak from the roots and fall. Try letting them loose or tie them in a loose ponytail.

5. Using Too Many Hair Products

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If you use too many hair styling products or harsh conditioners just stop! You are doing more damage to your hair than good. All these products contain so many chemicals that are unhealthy for your scalp. Try using minimal products or go for more natural options.

6. No Long Hot Showers


No matter how amazing they feel, hot showers rip your hair of all-natural oils leaving then rough and fizzy. They cause hair breakage easily. Try to wash your hairs with lukewarm or cold water for a healthy mane.

7. Don’t Comb Your Wet Strands

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Your hair is most vulnerable when they are wet and will break easily, so don’t comb your hair like that. Allow it to dry naturally. If you are in a hurry try a wide-toothed comb for minimalizing the damage.

These tips are easy to follow and will do wonders for your hair situation. Try them out to get your healthy mane back!

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