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10 Best Low Sugar Fruits And Vegetables To Keep Your Sugar In Control

Sugar is very hard to avoid because it’s everywhere from our morning brews to fruits and veggies we eat daily. All contain sugar in some percentage thus, managing sugar levels is pretty much difficult especially for someone who’s on a weight-loss diet or having diabetes. Our list of low-sugar fruits and vegetables will help them all in making the right selection.

10 Best Low Sugar Fruits and Vegetables to Eat

It is often said eating fruits help you curb sugar cravings but what if they are doing the opposite. Shockingly, most of your favorite fruits like apples, mangoes, and bananas are high-sugar fruits. Don’t believe us! Check it out below for low sugar fruits and vegetables:

low sugar fruits and vegetables
  • One cup of mango (165g) contains 25 grams of sugar
  • An apple keeps a doctor away but eating more than one doesn’t keep your sugar level in control. How much sugar is in apples? 19 grams in one medium-size
  • One medium banana has 14 g of sugar

These figures don’t seem troublesome but if you are eating more than one or two apples or bananas then definitely it’s problematic. Especially for diabetic patients as their sugar intake should not be more than 25 grams per day.

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Therefore, it is suggested that one should eat only one fruit a day. But if you are relying on fruit juices, shakes, and salads then you must know about high sugar fruits. The good thing is there’s always a replacement, you can eat these low in sugar fruits without thinking twice.

low sugar fruits

1. Strawberries– 8 pieces serve 8 grams sugar
2. Kiwis– 6 grams in per kiwi
3. Avocado- Only 1 gram per fruit
4. Watermelon- Eating a cup( 152) of watermelon pieces serve only 9 grams of sugar
5. Blackberries- Per 100 grams contain 4.9 g sugar
6. Peaches- A medium-sized offer approx. 13 grams sugar
7. Oranges- per 100 grams give 9 grams of sugar
8. Grapefruit- A great breakfast for diabetic people as half-cut grapefruit has only 9 grams of sugar to offer
9. Lemons- This rich vitamin C is more sour and less sweat thus a great alternative to high sugar fruits
10. Honeydew melon- It has digestible sugar with goodness of iron

You can add any fruit of your choice to the breakfast meals or evening snacks. But, be wary as the above-mentioned figures vary as per portion size.

10 Vegetables That Can Boost Your Weight-Loss Game

Well, vegetables are not at all associated with high sugar foods because they have the lowest sugar content. So we usually pick any thinking they are at least better than junk foods. Of course, they are but veggies like potatoes, winter squash, beets, and tomatoes can ruin your weight-loss game.

Pick from these low sugar vegetables instead:

low sugar vegetables

1. Mushrooms– 0 sugar
2. Spinach- 0.4 g
3. Kale- 1 g
4. Soybean sprouts– 0.5 g
5. Broccoli- 1.7 g
6. Cauliflower- 1.9 g
7. Celery- 1.3 g
8. Swiss chard– 1.1 g
9. Asparagus- 1.3 g
10. Beet greens- 0.5 g

All the sugar content is measured for 100 grams. Add these low-sugar fruits and vegetables to your daily meals and manage your sugar level naturally.

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