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Craving Sugar? Here Are Some Healthy Options To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

No matter how health-conscious we are, there are days when we just can’t resist the urge to have sugar.
Sugar cravings are common but sometimes these cravings lead to us consuming an unhealthy amount of calories that can affect our health.
Well, here’s a piece of good news! If you experience these cravings and can’t seem to fight the urge to consume sugar, we have a lot of healthier options for you to choose from and enjoy.

Here is the list of some food items that are healthier and have low calories.

Fresh Fruits

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Fruits have natural sugar in them and are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
Fresh foods are delicious and healthy at the same time. You can even dip in some melted chocolate to make them tastier.
So next time you crave sugar try having a fresh mango or strawberry dipped in chocolate instead.

Healthy Snack Bars

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Try having a snack bar made up of whole food and no added sugar. There are a lot of options to make them naturally sweet. You can even choose the one with almonds and nuts for a more tastier treat. Stop munching on high-calorie chocolates and candies when you can have healthy granola bars.

Try Sugar-free Chewing Gums

Chewing Gum
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Chewing gums are very popular among the youth. They help in giving your mouth the much-needed exercise and also come in handy for your cravings. Have a sugarfree chewing gum that will satiate your sugar need without actually loading your body with calories.

Greek Yoghurt

Greek Yogurt
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Greek yoghurt is healthy and can be quite a combination with fresh fruits, vanilla, nuts, chocolate or your granola bars.
It’ll help you reduce hunger and even boost up your metabolism. Enjoy the benefits of this amazing item while devouring its taste.

A Healthy Cereal With Milk

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You can have your cereal in your style as there are so many cereal options available. You have oats, muesli, Cheerios or whatever flavour you prefer and add some honey, fruits, and cinnamon to enhance the taste.

Tasty Dates

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Dates are the dried fruits and have so many health benefits. They have a lot of fibre, contain a large number of antioxidants and are a natural sweetener. Avoid having too much of them as they are quite sweet.


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Everyone loves a good smoothy right! Try making yourself healthier smoothies full of yoghurt and fresh fruits. Be creative with your recipes and as long as your adding all-natural ingredients don’t worry! They are a good alternative to calorie-laden drinks and sodas.

Dark Chocolate

If you feel like all these options are not enough and have the craving for chocolates, choose dark chocolates instead of regular ones. Dark chocolate contains more cocoa and will elevate your mood but don’t overeat them.

You can now stop craving those cake and too sweet desserts when you know all these healthy alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Happy munching!

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