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Healthy And Nutritious! 5 Best Low Carb Protein Bars For Weight Loss

Can we lose weight with energy bars? Of course, the best low-carb protein bars help you maintain weight, improves muscle mass, and provide quick energy. They are nutritious, delicious, healthy, and also a quick way to curb your hunger.

But since energy bars are dual-purpose snacks, they can make you fat as well. Yes, the high-carb bars are also meant for those who desire to gain weight within few weeks.

So, it’s important to know which one to buy. Here’s the list and everything you should know about these power-packed snacks.

Best Energy Bars- What Are They?

best low car protein bars

If you have never tried the protein bars then you might be thinking they are sugary candies coated with cereals with no real benefits. Though it’s true, these little bundles of energy are highly beneficial because of their high protein, high fiber, and low carb content.

Most of them are gluten-free, vegan, and made of dried fruit, seeds, whole grains that give the necessary nutrition to your body. However, eating too much of them can uptick the calories and sugar content increasing your weight and sugar level.

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But if you pick the best low-carb protein bars, you will get all these health benefits:

best energy bars
  • For those struggling with weight, these quick snacks are a good option as eating foods high in protein aids in weight loss as per the experts. However, don’t make them a replacement for everyday meals.
  • High protein bars made of wholesome ingredients can add extra weight to your body thus being good for skinny people.
  • Good for gaining muscle mass
  • Support pre and post-workout requirements of athletes and provide essential nutrients required to repair the muscle tissues
  • Does not increase the sugar levels

How To Pick The Best Energy Bars?

One can get reap all the above benefits depending upon the brand they choose. Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying the best nutrition bars:

best low carb protein bars
  • Carbs count- bars with more than 20 grams of carbs are not recommended
  • Make sure they don’t have palm or kernel oils as ingredients
  • If you have an allergy or lactose intolerance, go for gluten-free bars
  • Don’t miss the flavor; energy bars are available in your favorite flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and honey.
  • Keep a check on the percentage of sugar, also look whether it has artificial or natural sugars
  • Always buy transfat-free bars

To help you further, we have a list of the best low carb protein bars in India so that you can munch on them without compromising your health:

Best Selling Low-Carb Protein Bars In India

1. On-The-Go Bar From Rine

best energy bars

The 50g pack contains no added sugar, is vegan, rich in omega 3 fatty acid, and tastes like blueberry.

2. Mojo Bar

best protein bars

Mojo bars are delicious, well-balanced, and high in protein. Each bar provides 6.4% of protein, 11% of fiber, 11.9% of fat, and calories up to 160 cal. It has GMO-free glucose that gives you instant energy.

But what makes this energy bars best is the variety of flavors available. Chocolate, Berry, Almond, and Nutty Apricot are popular ones.

3. The Whole Truth Protein Bars

best low carb protein bars

Everything is good about the whole truth that is why we have listed it as one of the best protein bars. It is made from farm-grown ingredients, has natural sugar, is fat-free, and comes in coffee flavor with the taste of peanut butter.

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4. Hazelnut Energy Bars From Mettle Mocha

best energy bars

Mettle Mocha bars will quickly boost your energy level in the best possible way. It has a unique flavor of chocolate, hazelnut, and mocha. These ingredients make it extra nutritious and healthy. A bonus advantage of these protein bars is that they have a high shelf life.

5. Probite

best low carb protein bars

Whey protein is considered the best for athletes and gym-goers as it promotes muscle growth. It also reduces inflammation, blood pressure, and is one of the highest quality proteins. Probite offers all these benefits through its preservative-free bars.

Though it has a low shelf life, probite are best for those with a soy allergy.

Right Time To Eat Energy Bars

Morning is the best time to eat them but they are the best meals to have after gyming to get instant energy.

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