World Book Day: 5 Amazing Books To Read Before You Die

Everyone would agree to the fact that books are the greatest source of inspiration for any individual. Reading books helps individuals in expanding their knowledge and making them aware of surroundings. When it comes to reading books, there are different genres that are read by people. All genres are good in their own sense.

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However, there are some books that are amazing to read and one should have these books in their bookshelf. The books about which you will learn are often termed as the book of centuries. They not only give you knowledge but builds your character as well.

Here Is The List Of Those 5 Books That Are Worth Reading

Man’s Search For Meaning:


It is a story based on real events and describes the experiences of a person in concentration camps. The book is written by the person himself. The name of the person is Viktor Frankl. The author lost his family during the persecution of Nazis in concentration camps and was shattered by the incident.

He decided to write a book, stating that one should have a never-give-up attitude in torrid times. Grab a copy of this book and get ready to absorb important lessons, which will be helpful throughout life.

Wings Of Fire By Abdul Kalam:


This book is a source of inspiration for every student who wants to achieve something big in life. It teaches an important lesson of chasing the dreams, come what may. It encompasses the story of Abdul kalam, who grew up in a small village of India in a modest background and achieved success in life through hard work and perseverance.

When you read this book, you will find important lessons on every page of the book. Whenever you feel low, go through this book. It is full of wisdom.

Think And Grow Rich:


One of the greatest books written by napoleon hill. This book consists of the success mantras of topmost individuals across the globe. The results have been produced after doing research on the methods used by successful people. This book focusses that wealth is generated by the power of imagination. Also, it throws light on the brainstorming that one has to do to produce a different result.

The Power Of Positive Thinking:


This book is written by the famous author and psychologist, Norman Vincent Peale. The author tells the readers about the importance of positive thinking. He says that a person who thinks positively can produce great results. The book states that one can lead a successful and happy life by action, combined with positive thinking. It also states that to be successful in life, you have to believe in yourself.

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The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People:


This book is written by Dale Carnegie, that advocates the idea of proactiveness in any work you do. In this book, you will get to know about the seven habits that are common in successful people in any area. If you implement the ideas that are given in the book, you will have a successful career.


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