Wholesome Benefits of Fox Nuts (Makhana)

Undeniably Fox Nuts popularly known as Makhana has become a great treat for fasting, it’s a healthier as well as tastier option, it is considered as a multitude of benefits, it’s crispy, easy to make, and healthy snack to binge on. It is flooded with nutrients and fiber.

It resembles popcorn so it can be considered as a new supplement of Popcorn. Basically, it is roasted then some spices and peppers are sprinkled on it. Or it is also used while preparing some sweets as the base of Makhanas makes food items lighter to eat.

Let’s see some more Superior Benefits of Foxnuts or Makhana

1) High Source of Calcium

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Fox nuts are overloaded with calcium which is helpful in making the bones and teeth stronger, it maintains the sufficient requirement of calcium in the body. It is recommended for people suffering from joint pains and osteoporosis.

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2) Suitable for Weight Loss

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Makhana is light to eat and has low calories and trans fats, so you can easily rely on Makhana if you are fitness or weight conscious, one cup of makhana contains only 83 calories and makes you feel full for a longer time and keeps those feelings of hunger away.

3) Full of Anti-oxidants

Benefits Of Foxnuts
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Foxnuts have plentiful anti-oxidants such as flavonoids which are perfect for slowing down the aging process as it defeats free radicals. It even makes the skin wrinkle-free and makes your skin glow and prevents hair loss and whitening of hair.

4) Controls Blood Sugar levels

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It is highly recommended for Diabetic patients as Makhana’s low Glycemic Index makes it suitable for regulating sugar levels, its glycemic index is even lower than rice, bread,etc. Also, it has low sodium and high magnesium making it highly beneficial in Diabetes.

5) Balances Blood Pressure


Makhana is favorable for the maintenance of Blood Pressure. The high content of Potassium and less sodium make it perfect for people suffering from blood pressure problems. High Potassium reduces blood pressure and sodium elevates it.

6) Remedy for Infertility Issues

Makhana ameliorates the quality of semen and looks after the premature ejaculation of semen. It is advantageous for managing reproductive systems too and even suggested for women suffering from infertility issues.

7) Detoxification Properties

Foxnuts are the best detoxifying agents. It is highly advantageous to Spleen monitoring the cells, it is involved in the creation and removing red blood cells, it is the central part of the immune system as it even looks after white blood cells and platelets.

8) Preventing Digestion Problems

Benefits of Fox nuts

As it is enriched with fiber Makhana looks after the bower movement and improves the digestion process, it is really helpful in preventing constipation, hence include a bowl of makhana, if you are suffering from any digestive problems.

9) Diminishes Inflammation

Benefits of Fox nuts
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Natural compounds present in Foxnuts make it suitable for the reduction of Inflammation and cardiovascular risk, this inflammation causes many diseases like arthritis, diabetes, etc. They also have anti-bacterial properties,

10) Filled with High Protein Content

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Makhana has a satisfactory amount of proteins, thus it regulates the diet. It’s a perfect supplement for Vegans to get their daily requirement of proteins, as it is grown from plants. It makes you feel energetic the whole day. And it is even acceptable for people who are wheat allergic as it’s a gluten-free edible but rich in protein. Thus it promotes salutary benefits of the body in an appropriate way.

Makhana can form an important part of the diet, but one thing to be kept in mind, never fry it because then all the vitamins and nutrients of this health supplement will get disappeared. And have it in adequate amount, don’t gorge on it excessively otherwise it can have side-effects too.

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