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Eating Whole Fruits Give More Benefits than Fruit Juices

With the advent of summers, it’s in our habit to drink more and more juices, especially packed juices and we show less preference towards wholesome fruit but it should be the other way round as fruits are filled with different nutrients, different parts of the fruits such as skin, pulp and flesh, they all have varied nutrients and less calories which have more positive impact on health. But why are Whole Fruits better than Juice?

Fruits are more beneficial than juices in the following ways:

More Fibre Content in Fruits than Fruit Juices

Why is whole fruit better than Juice

Fruits have more required fibres than fruit juices which are important for our body, the pulp and skin of fruit is enriched with dietary fibres and juices lacks any pulp, these juices also has lower phytochemicals which are essential for our health. Fiber helps in promoting digestion, lowering cholesterol and regulating blood sugar levels.

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More Sugar Content in Juice


High sugar content in fruit juices is absorbed by our body rapidly, thus increasing the blood sugar levels too. As the body perceives that it has high sugar level, it releases insulin and then larger amount of sugar is converted into fat and glycogen and this all leads to increased calorie consumption and poor sugar regulation. It also increases the chance of Diabetes.

Fruits are more advantageous in controlling weight

Fibres present in juices make you feel full for longer time which automatically controls your weight. They provide sufficient but not more calories and control your hunger pangs.

Fruits are powerhouse of essential compounds


When the fruit juice is extracted from fruits, its many important compounds are lost such as flavonoids, nutrients, minerals, carotenoids and juices are more acidic compared to fruit juices leading to more problems and diseases.

Antioxidants present in fruits

Antioxidants are highly useful for our body and it is present in good amount in fruits, with the availability of phytochemicals in fruits, it stimulates antioxidant activity which hinders fat production and reduces the risk of oxidative damage to cells.

Fruits are rich source of necessary vitamins and minerals


Fruits have vitamins A, C and E as well as magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, folic acid, etc which are usually not found in juices, especially for potassium you can rely on bananas, avocados, apples.

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Less amount of Sodium and cholesterol in Fruits

Packed fruit juices have preservatives which increases the cholesterol in our body, contrast to it fruits have minimal sodium just 1 percent that is needed to fulfilthe daily requirement and no cholesterol which is imperative for the proper functioning of the body.

Fruits Have Low Glycemic Index (GI) than Juices

Fruits have lower glycemic index, compared to fruit juices, they help in decreasing the GI of overall meals as they are digested slowly and hence releases glucose slowly and gradually.

Therefore, Fruits are always more beneficial than juices, they are overwhelmed with nutrients, vitamins and fibres. Though they are less tasty than juices but still you can give treat of the fruits to yourself this summer by making a healthy fruit chart, or you can make juice without adding sugar to it or try to make a healthy smoothie.

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