Super Mario Became The World’s Most Expensive Game Beating Its Own Records

If there is one game that we all have played during childhood, it’s Super Mario. And the game has never been replaced even by the advanced modern games of today and we still love playing it for hours. Isn’t it? Simple graphics, characters, theme, and of course the sound never makes us bore. There are several variants of this ever-green game and to your surprise; Mario is now the world’s most expensive game ever.

The Million Dollar Game

super mario bros

The Nintendo-developed game that runs on the NES platform is sold out at the whopping cost of $660,000. With this, Super Mario Bros has shattered all the records of gaming history with the price almost quadruple of the previous expensive games. It was presented in the Heritage Auctions, which is the world’s third-largest auctioneer from the United States that conducts auctions for different collections including luxurious accessories, video games, art books, music, and more.

Oldest Game Of The Franchise

world's most expensive game

A sealed copy of the game which is the oldest unsealed copy yet was bought for such a high amount on Friday setting a new world record. In 2019 and 2020, two more copies of the game were sold at USD 100,150 and USD 114, 000 respectively. However, these two were still sold at the low prices than its third variant which was sold for $156,000 earlier.

World’s First Nintendo Theme Park

super mario

The craze of Super Mario is, however, not limited to play station. The fictional character has got life in Japan as the world’s first Super Nintendo Theme Park is open here. The game designer Shigeru Miyamoto who is also holding the presidential ship of Universal Studios in Japan opened the park. It has momentous attractions right from the castle, red-clad plumber (Mario), and cosplayers dressed in Super Mario characters entertain the visitors.

This theme park is not less than a virtual paradise for Super Mario fans. And with the increase in Nintendo games and online platforms, the future of the oldest game is bright. And the contribution of gamers is worth mentioning in continuing the legacy of Super Mario.

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